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Dairy Sector Not Reaching Full Potential – Mathoothe

Member of Parliament (MP) for Serowe North, Baratiwa Mathoothe PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO
Member of Parliament (MP) for Serowe North, Baratiwa Mathoothe is worried that the dairy sector in his area is not performing to its full potential.

Mathoothe believes farmers in the central areas of the country have the opportunity to capitalise on the business surrounding milk and its by-products. He was clearly anguished that farmers are not taking advantage of the fact that most milk products are imported.

The Serowe milk centre is not utilised as many had expected. This is so because Central District does not have enough dairy farmers.

Mathoothe urged government to assist farmers in order for them to have dairy cattle.

“This centre could help to create jobs around Serowe and other areas because it could do all milk products like cheese and others.

The reason why we have shortage of milk in the country is because we have few dairy cattle. If the centre was fully functioning, it could have employed more than 100 people,” The Monitor. “I might not have proper figures, but the centre at Mannathoko ward in Serowe has employed less than 100

people. But it is capable to grow and benefit the country.

Currently, there is a shortage of milk in our country.” On other issues, Mathoothe said there is no need for the Central District Council (CDC) to be divided but what government could do is to ensure that sub councils have their own budget.

He said if sub councils have their own budgets, they would enable them to attend to developments that needed to be done in the areas including roads maintenance.

“There is need for councils to attend to internal roads in the area. Some roads in Serowe are very bad.

Again the money given to CDC for maintenance and other developments is not enough looking at the broadness of the area.

It should be understood that councils are the ones responsible for area developments,” he said.  He added that the Constituency Development Fund could also help in some wards if used properly.




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