Gunners' Kemoen quits as standoff persists

Throwing the towel: Kemoen quit Gunners "to protect his intergrity"
The stand off between two parallel committees at Extension Gunners continues to wreak havoc as the club’s communications manager, Willoughby Kemoen resigned on Tuesday.

His resignation comes at a time when the two factions continue to show no commitment towards finding a lasting solution to the impasse.

Kemoen confirmed his resignation yesterday saying he has to keep his integrity intact as the internal bickering stalls the club’s progress.

“I can confirm that I have resigned from the old committee. I want the best for Gunners and the current standoff, if not resolved, will hurt the club badly,” he said.

Kemoen said he had suggested that the two committees come up with a compromise list from both camps.

That list would then act as an interim committee until the next general meeting when a new committee will be ushered in. Kemoen said his suggestions fell on deaf ears and through consultation with his family, he decided to quit his position. He said Botswana Football Association does not recognise any committee and has asked both camps to sort themselves out.

“That is why I suggested that we sit down as two committees and try to reach a common ground by agreeing on a compromise list. If

we really love this club, then we should come up with a compromise list of an interim committee and avoid this situation where two committees claim to be at the helm,” he said.

Kemoen said he has observed, for close to a month, that the structures have collapsed due to the row between the two committees.

He said the old committee in which he resigned has acknowledged receipt of his resignation.

“I have not resigned as a Gunners member. I am still a loyal member of this club and I am still hopeful that things will work out for a better future of this club,” he said.

Kemoen said with the current standoff, he would have felt that he is standing in the way of peace at the club if he stayed in the committee. He also said he would not betray the old committee by joining the opposing camp.

Kemoen said he is hopeful that eventually and sooner, the two committees will reach a common ground. He thanked the supporters who believed in him during his tenure.




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