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Keep On Climbing: Mountain Peak Promises Epic View

There is no exclusive, pleasurable and a self-actualising view other than the Ariel one. You see beyond the view at ground level.

The atmosphere and ambience are different. They are very refreshing. But for one to be able to afford it, they have to endure pain, suffering and hostility. The pleasure istanbul escort one earns from the Ariel view is directly propositional to the effort one invest to reach to it.

Every goal we set is located at the peak of the mountain. We therefore need to climb the mountain in order to realise the pre-set goals.

Nothing comes easy in life and that is a mere fact. We need to sweat first and struggle in order to know the worth of what you aspire to achieve.

The only way to see what is at the peak of the mountain you need a clear vision. A vision is a pre-travel into your future, this means, you have visited your future while in the istanbul eskort bayan present moment. This happens in the spiritual realm and could only be accessed by the mind.

If you do not have a vision, you are as good as dead. You are clueless about where your life is heading. You are shooting at a target you cannot see.

A vision is conceived by a strong sense of self-worth and made clear, feasible and strong by hope and faith. Even though it may appear to be feasible and simple to achieve, its journey is coupled with obstacles that challenge your determination and focus, moreover, grow a thick skin for resilience and resistance.

On the previous article, we said HOPE IS THE SEED OF LIFE AND SUCCESS. When one has a strong sense of self-worth and self-value, they gather a belief that they deserve the finer things in life.

They therefore, become optimistic escort bayan about the future and develop a positive intent that has possibilities of fulfilment. Their confidence drives a solid sense of self-efficacy which makes them to trust that if they quest for greatness, they will achieve their desires. Hope plots the vision on a solid foundation and erects unwavering determination and focus. 

Determination and focus give your race to success a sound rhythm. Determination is the commitment one has in building and controlling their quest towards a pre-set goal or ambition.

It is the level of discipline one invests in the realisation of their goal. It regulates the

outcome of the efforts put into the work geared towards meeting the Ariel view.

Determination builds a consistency culture that eventually makes the pattern of action embedded in your DNA and you cannot find any pleasure without executing them.

Consistency boosts one’s integrity levels hence one rus escort becomes trustworthy and reputable. Integrity attracts possibilities of GREATNESS and empowers one’s strength to keep on climbing the mountain regardless of the challenges they are facing.

Determination encompasses one’s patience and persistence. These emotional elements enable you to push as much as one can and endure the pain despite the rough esenyurt escort circumstances.

They are the most crucial ingredients to get one at the top of the mountain peak. Patience ignites consistency while persistence maintains and enhances the consistency traction.

They both make the journey towards purpose very meaningful and gathers too much wisdom for you. It is amusing how when one shoots at a target, closes one eye but sees the target very clearer than when both eyes are open.

It is a fact that focus magnifies the target. Accountability is well exercised if one is focused on what they are doing. Understanding of what you are doing beylikdüzü escort becomes very easy thus you can easily navigate through the obstacles that the opportunity continues to present along the way.

Focus is sharpened by the determination one injects on their dreams or goals.

Every tiniest step you make, it changes the phase of the journey and draws the dream very closer. We need to wear our garment of faith for it is what makes sense out of the intangible sources of life.

It is what will make you do the uncommon things even though there is no evidence of the goal manifestation. You have to keep on matching, rise from every fall, grip hard when you slip from your fall. Zenith awaits you at the top of the mountain. New horizons, new air and new perspective.

Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of a book titled 50 SHOTS OF COLOUR (found at Bala Book Store- Railpark Mall and Botswana Book Center- Main Mall), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on or +26773791677 for bookings.

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