BOSETU Condemns Balopi Appointment

Botswana Sector of Educators Trade Union (BOSETU) is against the appointment of Mpho Balopi as Minister for Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development as it is not based on merit.

In a statement, the union said it viewed the appointment by the President as uninformed and inappropriate.

“Balopi’s qualification and experience have nothing to do with labour, let alone skills development, save for his stint at NHRDS, Business Botswana and the HLCC.

We are of a considered opinion that his appointment was influenced by his business and entrepreneurship acumen, especially in relation to labour, the public sector, and the skills development,” BOSETU secretary general, Tobokani Rari wrote in a statement. Rari also stated that they feel there has been bias towards the employers in the appointment to the detriment of labour, and the aspect of training and skills development.

He however said they would support Balopi and called on him to clean up the mess at brigades amongst other things.

On the appointment of Fidelis Molao at the helm of Basic Education Ministry, BOSETU views it as recycling of old furniture.  “Molao has been at this ministry before as junior minister, and in our view, he left no legacy.

Our humble and honest view is that he failed to make an impression while at the ministry. His presence could not be felt, he was lukewarm and could not advise and influence decision-making by the full minister as an assistant minister,” Rari wrote.

Rari however said they hope that Molao

will prove them wrong and deliver as he is a former teacher and understands challenges facing in the sector.

On Molao’s deputy Nnaniki Makwinja, Rari stated there was no doubt that Makwinja does not have any educational background related to the field education, nor does she have any experience related to education. “We however acknowledge that her educational background is quite strong even though she remains a closed chapter. Our view is that she would have to learn issues of education and would have to do so very quickly.

Time will tell as to whether she has the zeal and energy to influence changes at the ministry,” Rari said.

Newly appointed Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology minister, Douglas Letsholathebe got outright praise from the union.

“BOSETU appreciates the appointment of Letsholathebe.

Our preliminary view is that Letsholathebe is very much qualified to run the ministry, and we do not doubt his relevance, and that he is the right appointment.

We would definitely give Letsholathebe time and space to operate and familiarise himself with the ministry, but definitely not forever,” Rari wrote.

He said the union cautioned Letsholathebe against a sluggish approach to the issues of the ministry and encouraged him to hit the ground running to tackle challenges especially at technical colleges and colleges of education.




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