Batswana Ready To Talk 'Just Sex'

Batswana Ready To Talk 'Just Sex' PIC. INNOCENT SELATLHWA
Talking about sex has always been treated as a taboo amongst Batswana. However, it looks like it will be the thing of the past as Batswana are warming up to discussing the topic, which experts believe is key to strengthening relationships.

Cresta Lodge was the place to be for couples and individuals looking to learn more about sexology, maintaining relationships and fertility from experts. The event titled Just Sex, which was on its second year running, had the speakers being Sexologist Dr Elna Rudolph, actor Connie Ferguson speaking about relationship goals and Dr Orapeleng Phuswane-Katse speaking fertility.

With sex talk having been considered a taboo, the event was the perfect platform for couples as well as individuals to openly discuss sex issues and relationships with experts. Participants openly shared their experiences and challenges ranging from sexual experiences, sexual health issues as well as questions relating to relationships and fertility issues.

Just Sex is an annual sex health and wellness event by ESTeRES, an experiential eventing and marketing company, which focuses mainly on personal development events. Despite not having sponsors this year, ESTeRES founder Michelle Phetlhe said she was happy with the event.

“The event went well, besides running a little late, the turn up to such a shied away from topic of discussion was great. Batswana are no longer hiding behind the curtain of conservative. We had a 95% new crowd, which means we reached a new group of people who can go out and use what they learned and pay it forward,” she said.

Phetlhe said the main

change from last year was lack of sponsorship. She said last year’s sponsor, Durex, had budgetary constraints this time around. Phetlhe said she hoped they would manage to find the support they need and that other health and wellness entities can come to the party to share with Batswana their products and services.

Rudolph, who made headlines last year stating that anything less than 72 thrusts is premature ejaculation, said love is a prerequisite for good sex in a marriage.  “Bad sex can ruin a good relationship, but good sex cannot always make a bad relationship work. You can fix a good relationship with bad sex, but it will not last (if the sex does not improve). If you do not want to be in the same room with someone, no matter how good the sex is, you will not go very far,” she said.

Rudolph encouraged attendants to talk about sex with their partners, as it will keep their unions strong.

Ferguson, who will be celebrating 18 years of marriage, shared her success story to the excitement of most women who attended the event.

She told of how her relationship with husband, Shona Ferguson, has its ups and downs, but they keep going because they believe in each other and also support one another.




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