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Moving With Experience

The prospect of changing location is a very daunting process for the one moving and a delicate one for the movers. The exercise also requires professionalism that will allow for a successful relocation.

Mr Move Worldwide is a company that has garnered experience in the moving industry and has become one of the leading moving companies in the country.

Speaking to Monitor Business, its founder Niels Henriksen said his company was registered in July 2004 and officially started operating three months later with no capital to fund its operations and zero assets.

“I started this company 15 years ago because as a Zimbabwean national I realised that I had nothing to go back home to,” he said.

According to Henriksen, he started out from his garage using a Toyota Venture as a means for transportation, which helped him start his business and push forth to acquire better equipment.

He then bought a warehouse six months after starting the business, as people were eager to use his services when moving their properties, which boosted his business’ growth into what it is today.

Henriksen has gone from hiring trucks to use from back then to now owning a fleet of eight trucks which consists of six removal trucks and one tandem trailer and is gradually growing.

The company’s head office is in Gaborone with a branch in Johannesburg. Henriksen said his customer base is usually people moving offices and those who are moving from their homes along with other services such as packing, storage and many other services associated with the moving business.

He said they have a worldwide network which allows them

to move goods around the country and even outside the country through agents they have liaised with or created partnerships with.

Henriksen revealed that they also provide shipping services and air freighting through this partnerships. He said his company is very customer focused as they pride themselves in building a relationship with their customers rather than being just there to offer their services.

Henriksen said they are making plans to expand into other Southern African countries such as Zimbabwe and Zambia in the future in order to create a better network that they can use to provide services to their customers. He further said they already have a branch in South Africa.

With an established brand comes expectations and Henriksen said they work around the clock to satisfy the expectations of their customers.

The head of Marketing, Tinashe Mhungu took the time to also appreciate their customers as their company has been rated as the number one moving company in the country through the consumers’ ratings.

He said they have a training programme for Botswana youth who have interest in venturing into the moving business as a way of helping them with the necessary skills to run their businesses successfully.

Henriksen has run companies such as Calvert Removals (Pty) Ltd since 1980 till 2002 in Swaziland, South Africa and Botswana and he has also worked with Crown Relocations Botswana since 2002 till September 2004.




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