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Lobatse Beef Fest Satisfies Meat Cravings

Meat lovers had their cravings satisfied at this year’s 7th annual Lobatse International Beef Festival (LIBF) at Lobatse Town Park this past weekend.

This quintessential proudly Lobatse daylong love affair with meat, fire, braai and music proved to be the event of the year for all discerning diners in the old town.

From Boerewors to mokwetshepe, LIBF cuisine is as unique and assorted as Botswana’s culture. The event showed once again that it is a melting pot of traditions and food.

Eating at the LIBF is like going to a restaurant that happens to be outdoors and customers are given a chance to cook for themselves.  Attendees are given a chance to braai their own meat by being given raw meat at the entrance.  People got the chance to feast on meats that are local, farm raised and grass fed.

Braai masters and chefs had the flexibility to use the freshest, best local produce and meat. The festival has been promoting and celebrating flavoursome and aromatic local beef. People seemed to enjoy meat that is braaied more than anything.

With meat as the centre point of the popular festival, meat lovers from across Botswana enjoyed a combination of dishes and a social atmosphere only to be experienced at the LIBF. Meat lovers also had an unbelievable taste sensation with innovative food pairings.

Whether they were eating mokoto or seswaa, the experience seemed different altogether for LIBF attendees. With Lobatse as a beef town, LIBF was a major boost for the local entrepreneurs and impacts much further than the festival grounds.

Letshego provided the best VIP experience under their marquee. 

As it in the norm at events these days many people preferred to bring camp chairs and picnic blankets and eat by the stage where musicians and DJs perform.

As for performances, the event ended up turning into a fully-fledged music festival when the headliner TNS graced the stage in the evening. TNS started his performance with a DJ set before getting to the real stage performance. People were looking forward to seeing the house music producer TNS performing his hit song umona featuring Mpumi.

The Durban-based producer and recording artist preferred to stall a bit by performing some of his songs from his latest album, Madlokovu King of African House. The 21-year-old artist finally performed umona and it generated a lot of reaction from the crowd. Some only came there to see the artist rather than the meat festival itself.

After TNS, local group Khoisan hit the stage to wrap up performances on the night. The marabele hitmakers had a mountain to climb after the impressive TNS left the stage.

The group from Rock Lefatshe records was not bad for a group that hasn’t been in the industry for long. 

LIBF celebrates Botswana’s beef industry to the residents of Botswana and Barolong Seboni founded it in March 2013.  Hosted in the town of Lobatse, the home of beef in Botswana, the event celebrates and promotes business linkages, strengthens the community spirit and creates a platform to celebrate Botswana’s beef cuisine heritage.




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