US Embassy donates P390K to Supa Ngwao

FRANCISTOWN: The US Embassy has donated about P390,000 to Supa Ngwao Museum for the restoration of its collections and archives building.

The museum, which first opened its doors in 1992 had financial challenges in the past years which put it out of operation.

Monday’s donation is a lifeline for the museum, as the restoration of the collections and archives building would open its doors to ramp up attempts at attracting more exhibitors and the public at large.

In the years it has been struggling, it could also not generate enough interest from exhibitors and the public alike.

When officiating at the donation ceremony, US Ambassador Craig Cloud said that   they funded the project so that it could preserve Francistown’s culture through housing different historical inheritance in one place.

Cloud said that through the revamping of the building,students from around the city would be able to visit the museum so that they are able to learn about their cultural heritage.

He said: “It is very important to know where we come from and to understand who made us what we are. Even our children should be able to understand about our originality and customs through the museum”.

When speaking about Supa Ngwao Museum, the ambassador said that the museum held relics, evidence and artifacts from

the past that Francistowners may somehow harness to promote their cultural and historical value.

He commended the museum for having created a prodigious artefact by bringing in all elements of culture under one roof in order to preserve and promote cultural heritage.

He also hoped for the National Museum to be able to provide Supa Ngwao with a curator to help them get all the beautiful artefacts that they have to be displayed so that they can be a testimony to the history of Francistown.

Cloud said that the artefacts would be an attraction for masses to come and view.

According to Cloud, the US Ambassadors’ Fund for cultural preservation is carried out in 120 countries across the globe.

He indicated that since 2001, the US government has invested almost $300,000 (around P3,000,000) in seven different projects around  Botswana through the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation.

Cloud said that   through the initiative, they fund countries and help them preserve historical sites, museum collections and traditional expressions such as music and language.

He encouraged Batswana to apply for the Ambassador’s Fund for cultural preservation so as to promote their traditions and heritage.




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