Sexual health event promises to be exciting

The event will feature media moghul Connie Ferguson of the hit Television series The Queen
Seventy-two strokes multiplied by 365 days later, the Sexual Health and Wellness event of the year has come full circle.

On the November 8, 2019, ESTeRES will host the second annual ‘JUST SEX’ event at Cresta Lodge Hotel.

Having caused an online stir and trended for weeks following its inaugural offering, the ‘JUST SEX’ event proved to be an experience that Batswana yearned for and appreciated greatly. 

Last year the event hosted a panel consisting the lead orator Dr. Elna Rudolph (International Sexologist) presenting on the headlining topic ‘Sexology’. 

Dr. Nchunga was speaking on sex from a Christian perspective, Agatha Atlholang on personal health and wellness assisting sexual drive and Botshelo Madeluka from the STI clinic speaking to sexual health care.

This year ‘JUST SEX’ will once again host Dr. Elna Rudolph as lead speaker on Sexology and Intimacy. As a means to pay homage to the month of November being a ‘Mens Health Awareness’ month, this year’s event will include on the panel Dr.

William Motshwane addressing the topic of Mens Health.

Another professional joining the panel of experts is Dr. Orapeleng Phuswane-Katse who will speak on Fertility.

This year’s cherry on top is the introduction of a much more socially palatable and social media trend leader topic;  #RELATIONSHIPGOALS which will be curated by non other than former Generations star and media moghul Connie Ferguson of the hit Television series The Queen.

She will take the audience through herself and her partner’s relationship journey, business dynamics, family balance and much more.

The event promises to take things a notch higher and leave Batswana enthralled in anticipation of what ‘JUST SEX’ will continue to bring them.

Event organiser, Michelle Phetlhe believes this event is beneficial to all Batswana, as they no longer believe in hiding behind the “conservative” cloak.

‘Knowledge is power in all aspects of life,” she highlighted.




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