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Boko’s Gov’t To Have 12 Ministers

With only a week and a few days left before election day, Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) leader Duma Boko is a man readying himself for the State House.

Boko is confident he, along with the rest of Batswana, will wake up to a new government for the 12th Parliament. 

He has hinted that he will announce his action plan for his first 100 days in office during his launch as the Gaborone Bonnington North Parliamentary candidate.

When launching UDC candidates for Kanye North and Kanye South in Otlaadisa Koosaletse and Victor Phologolo, Boko said he will cut down Cabinet membership to 12. 

“We are not supposed to be struggling to improve lives of people with a population of just over two million people. Just 2.4 million people with a Cabinet of 28 people, what are they doing?  The UDC Cabinet will have a maximum of 12 cabinet members,” he said.

“We want to take decisions timely and implement on time. That will enable us to create the 100, 000 jobs in 12 months, P1,500 old age pension, P3,000 living wage, P2,500 student allowance, free sanitary pads and free tablets for learners.”

Boko said he was in advanced plans for his take over of government.  “If we like we can reveal our 100-day plan at our launch in Gaborone looking at our manifesto and how we will do it.

They do not know, sometimes I go away to meet with presidents of other countries talking to them about problems faced by Batswana.

I have called the company distributing tablets to students in South Africa and had meeting with them. I told them we need to have tablets and they said it could be done in six months,” he said.

“After the announcement of results, start counting the (100) days. I was with experts discussing my 100 days plan

where I am going to do things that will amaze you and improve your lives.

I will not be like Masisi who will always be globetrotting greeting people. I would like to apologise to my in-laws who are here.

They always see Masisi going around the world with his wife. I do not have time for such and I apologise to you because you will not see me globetrotting with her. I will be busy solving problems of the people first until they can also afford to go on holiday,” he said.

Still on the campaign trail, Boko on Friday launched UDC’s Thamaga-Kumakwane parliamentary candidate Ofentse Khumomotse where he promised workers a 13th cheque. 

“You should go and tell the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) that Boko says you have looted for a long time now paying our people peanuts. We as the UDC after taking power on October 24, in December while we will still be fixing things, we will give those who are employed their 13th cheque.

This will be us apologising to you for you have been abused by the BDP. They ask where we will get the money, we will get the money where they have been looting from and also recover what they stole,” he said.

Veteran Koosaletse who has been called to Parliament before will be battling it out for Kanye North against Thapelo Letsholo of the BDP.

In Kanye South, Phologolo will once again face Abram Kesupile whom he defeated at the UDC primaries before he decided to contest independently. Lemogang Kwape will be representing the BDP.

In Thamaga- Kumakwane, Khumomotse will battle it out with Palelo Motaosane of the BDP.




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