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Exercise Your Right To Vote

With just eight days left for us to cast our votes and choose our leaders, it is extremely important for each and every citizen who has registered for elections to make sure that they make it to the polls.

It is not uncommon for voters to register for elections, and not make it to the polling station on the election day, and most usually give the excuse that they did not know who to vote for.

It is past the 11th hour, and political parties have gone into panic mode, and each and every political party is intensifying its campaigns to try and sway voters who may still be unsure of whom they are going to vote for.

This in a way can be a dangerous time, because it is the time when politicians start singing sweet music to the voters’ ears, making promises, which after all is said and done, may or may not be fulfilled.

These are some of the reasons that make voter education very important, because an informed voter will be able to distinguish between empty promises and plausible undertakings. Your vote is your secret, and no one is supposed to force you to reveal whom you intend to vote for, or whom you voted for. After all, you will be alone in the voting booth to exercise your fundamental right of choosing your leader.

Let’s be responsible citizens and make our own analysis, without coercion from people who may

have ulterior motives. Politics can be tricky and dirty, and not everyone who asks for your vote has intentions of representing your interests.

Some people do not vote thinking their vote will not make a difference, but guess what, each and every vote counts.

People who take a participatory role in voting their leaders in, usually take an active role in debates on whether their representative is delivering or not.

They often hold their representatives accountable, and they are able to ask questions on a variety of issues including why the area is lacking in terms of developments.

There is no responsible citizen, who will just feel comfortable to have others choose a government for them that in actual fact would be cowardice. Each and every citizen should participate in the country’s election, and activate their democratic right. The time has arrived, let us all make sure we cast our votes, and let us not be bullied into voting for representatives who we do not believe can serve us well.

Make your own decision, it will serve you well, and let us refrain from using insults during disagreements. Let your voice be heard through your vote. Best of luck to all contesting political parties.




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