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Mogoditshane Police Investigate Teen Rape

Mogoditshane police are investigating a case in which a 17-year-old girl was raped on Saturday night.

Confirming the case, station commander superintendent Russ Letsebe told The Monitor that the incident occurred after nine in the evening. He said the teenage girl said she was taking a walk with her 18-year-old boyfriend at Nkoyaphiri location when an unknown suspect attacked them.

“She said her boyfriend tried to fight the suspect off, but was overpowered and intimidated after he threatened to stab him with a knife,” Letsebe said.

“The boyfriend then ran for dear life. The teenage girl tried to run away too but unfortunately the suspect managed to grab her and raped her.”He said after raping her, the suspect fled the scene. Letsebe said investigations into the matter are ongoing to locate the unknown suspect who is still at large.

He noted with great concern that rape cases in his policing area have surged, despite interventions to curb them.

He raised a concern stating that it is usually hard to locate and arrest suspects in cases of such

nature since most of the time victims cannot identify the perpetrator as the crime happens in the dark.

Letsebe pleaded with women in general to avoid walking at night, especially when alone as they are more vulnerable to rape than their male counterparts.

Meanwhile, Letsebe raised concern over escalating cases of theft that mostly occur amongst entertainment areas in his policing area. He said his area has many entertainment areas and continue to report cases of theft every weekend from such places.

He said people continue to be attacked, threatened and lose their valuables at the hands of criminals. Letsebe gave an example of the Sunday Ultimate Chill picnic, which is held at the start of the month at Gabane village that recorded 12 cases of theft last Sunday.

“These minor cases are of great concern (nonetheless) as people continue to lose their valuables. The perpetrators causing havoc are usually the unemployed lads aged below 30 years,” he said.




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