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Shine Bright Oweditse Phirinyane

The bitter pill to swallow is that in a competition there has to be a winner. Therefore, with Miss Botswana crowned, the nation has to rally behind the queen.

The competition is a process and during that journey, the contestants build a fan base, and they support the contestant with the hope that she will win.

While social media is a good thing, it has since become a platform where many express themselves. However, some abuse the opportunities presented by social media by bullying and insulting others.

Shortly after the reigning queen was crown, some people went onto social media, particularly Facebook to express their disappointment that the one they were rooting for did not win.

Okay let’s take a step back and be honest, when you support an individual to win a competition, and they don’t come tops, or second, there is no doubt that you will be disappointed, but that does not mean the winner should be ridiculed and insulted. We should not take anything from the queen as she is attractive and deserves her crown just like other previous winners.

In fact all the contestants held their own; it’s just that unfortunately in a beauty contest there can only be one queen.

It is truly disappointing that in this day and age, we still have people who are hell-bent on putting others down, and hurting their self-esteem.

Surprisingly enough most of the people who felt that

the queen did not deserve her crown, are not advancing convincing arguments on why not. Just that they wanted the one they were rooting for to win, and what does that make them sore losers.

The queen, Oweditse Phirinyane, deserves to be congratulated. Do not let any one derail you from your dream, bask in your win with a beautiful smile, and just treat those who criticise your win as noisemakers.

We need to support and build each other, not for us to already be damning our queen that she does not stand a chance to win the Miss World crown! Shame on those who are busy spreading such negativity. When the time comes for you to represent us at the Miss World stage, do your best and make us proud.

Work hard towards your dreams and do not at any point sell yourself short because of busy bodies that are always happy to crush and criticise others.

The other contestants who did not win also did their best, and it does not mean they are lacking, it’s just that as previously said only one queen could be crowned.

Congratulations to our Miss Botswana 2019/20 and her princesses, Uua Murangi, and Winfred Motcher. Shine bright like diamonds.




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