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Phirinyane Crowned Miss Botswana

First Princess Uua Murangu, Miss Botswana 2019/2020, Oweditse Phirinyane and Second princess, Winfred Motcher
Oweditse Phirinyane from Serowe was crowned Miss Botswana 2019/2020 during the weekend in Selebi Phikwe.

The 25-year-old beat the first princess, Uua Murangi and second princess, Winfred Motcher to win the coveted crown. Phirinyane shocked everyone by taking the crown home when most people were rooting for Murangi to win.

Phirinyane beat her opponents by answering questions as required. The last question in the top three read; “if you were given the opportunity to sell the SPEDU region to international investors what is it that you would say to win them?”

“In the last few weeks we have been traveling around the SPEDU region and Tuli Farms produces 45% of the food that we have in this country. So this proves that the region can be the breadbasket of the country.

We should care less about the liquidation of BCL and focus on the SPEDU region. SPEDU is doing its vision which is to make the region a world class, industrialised and diverse by 2025,”  Phirinyane confidently answered.

Phirinyane was stunning all night from showcasing her beauty in the evening gown to swim wear. In the end, the panel of judges was impressed. One of the judges revealed that it was a difficult decision to make between Phirinyane and Murangi because in the end they required a tie breaker. “We were looking for someone who can represent us internationally and sell Botswana better.


were looking at how she walks, how she talks, how the dress fits her, her presence and her confidence, basically we wanted a beauty with brains,” the judge said.

Even though many seemed disappointed that their favourite Murangi did not win, the judge emphasised that people should embrace and support Phirinyane because she was now the queen. Murangi however initially failed to make it to the top five. But she was added as The People’s Choice to make it to the Top 6. Murangi impressed the judges by answering the first question properly.

But she could not do well in the last question. She however took the prize of Best Smile as voted by the public on social media. Overall, it was a tough competition for all the 12 finalists. It was the first time Miss Botswana was crowned in the SPEDU region. The crown that the current queen, Phirinyane wears was designed locally and it has been  adorned with Botswana diamonds.

The people of Selebi Phikwe also came in large numbers to support the event that experienced decline in terms of support over the past few years.

The queen, will head to Miss World later this year to represent Botswana in the world stage. She takes over from Moitshepi Elias who reigned last year.




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