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We Will Arrive At New Botswana­ - Gaolathe

Alliance for Progressives (AP) catchphrase 'Imagine A New Botswana' was the order of the day at the launch of party president and parliamentary candidate for Gaborone Bonnington South, Ndaba Gaolathe.

Different speakers vowed to rid the country of corruption should the party win the general elections in October.

Speaking at his launch, Gaolathe told party members that the time has come for a new Botswana, where all Batswana will benefit from the country’s resources. 

He said it was time for Batswana to build a new Botswana and stop complaining about what those in power are not doing right. He resolutely told his followers, “we will arrive at the new Botswana”. 

He said the road to building Botswana will not be an easy one, but urged progressives to stand in confidence and know that the ‘New Botswana’ will become a reality, despite, negative comments made by those who do not share their vision.

He said some say they do not have the numbers; hence the pertinent need to work hard towards the vision of building a new Botswana. He said the time has arrived for progressives thinking of the new Botswana, where citizens will learn new skills, so that they can support their families and make a good living.

He said many have wondered why there was need for

a new Botswana since “we now have a new President”, explaining that nothing has changed.

He likened the Botswana Democratic Party government to an old tree, which can no longer provide shade, or produce any fruit, because it has lost its ability to produce anything of quality.

Gaolathe said it was important to build a new Botswana, as the country was no longer protecting its citizens, noting that girls and women were afraid to walk on the streets as they got killed and abused.

He said those in power continue to loot the country at the expense of citizens, asking how Batswana could ‘possibly not seek a new Botswana’.

Advisor to AP president, Margaret Nasha, spoke highly of Gaolathe as a truthful, God-fearing individual, who would not be engaged in corrupt practices.  She urged AP members to educate voters.

Nasha introduced council candidates and urged progressives to vote for them in the coming polls. Nasha, who was in her element, jokingly said some say that AP will never rule the country, which she dismissed saying they have what is needed to successfully govern the country.




Ka Mme Mma Boipelego

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