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Poor Time Management Ruins Good GIMC Show

The proverbial curtain finally closed on this year’s edition of the multi-discipline Gaborone International Music and Culture (GIMC) Week on Saturday night.

However, failure to adhere to the schedule nearly spoiled what was a scintillating show.

While organisers of the event had outdone themselves in terms of quality sound, security, and solid stage and other logistics, it seems stage management and time keeping became their biggest hurdle.

All artists that were on the lineup showed up to deliver impressive performances, only to be let down by the stage managers who were not time conscious. The event was permitted to run from 2pm on Saturday until 6am on Sunday.

Artists who performed last were forced to cut short their respective repertoires because time was running out fast.  This became evident in the wee hours of Sunday morning when there was an altercation as to who should get up on stage between Charma Gal and Vee Mampeezy.  This left Vee Mampeezy infuriated as he referred to the situation as a plan to sabotage him and his career.

According to Vee Mampeezy, he was scheduled to perform at 3am but when he arrived and was ready to get up on stage, he was told to wait.

This, he said, was not good

for him as his fans ended up complaining that he arrived late at shows and performed when they were already tired and when some have left for their homes.  His set was supposed to last 30 minutes.“I am not happy and I see this as meant to sabotage me.

I am going to say this because at the end my fans will accuse me of coming late to shows and performing late when they are tired,” Vee said on stage.

While Vee performed, other artists backstage complained to MCs that they were allowing the pint-sized musician to run over them and perform for a longer period even though the show was running behind time.

Artists such as Franco and Charma Gal were forced to cut their sets short after performing about three songs because of time constraints much to the disappointment of some fans who still wanted more from them.

Franco’s set was scheduled to last an hour-and-half, but he spent just over 30 minutes performing. Efforts to get a comment from the organisers were unsuccessful at the time of going to press.




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