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Riazati is in Botswana

Alex Habib Riazati
Renowned scientist, psychotherapist, human rights activist and strategist at Boeing Integrated Defense systems Dr Alex Riazati is in the country at the invitation of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahai of Botswana.

Riazati from the United States of America (USA) is their guest of honour from September 4 until September 16, 2019.

 “To initiate and accelerate an effervescent and vibrant community building process in Botswana in its varied manifestations and give impetus to those building blocks that propel the essential values and verities enshrined in such a process, from time to time we sponsor notable local, regional or internationally renowned personage to our shores.

“It is our ardent hope that through such exposure and engagements our perspectives are broaden, if not challenged and our current societal conception of what may befittingly constitute the bedrock upon which the welfare of our citizens as well as the humanity as a whole may rest, are abundantly enriched,” the Bahai’s Office of Public Affairs said in a statement. Some of the topics he will address include:

l The Holistic Views on Education

l The Aim and ultimate purpose of Education

l The psychological and Cognitive Stages of Individual and Social Developments?

l Is Morality rooted in Religion?

l Interrelationships between Peace, Justice and Unity

l Exploring the Root Causes of our current social problems from Psychological and Religious perspectives & their Remedies

l Widespread phenomenon of Secular and Religious Fundamentalism and Radicalism.

l Concepts of Power; Governance and Human Rights in the Modern era.
9. The harmonious roles and the transformative significance of Religion and Science in advancement of Spiritual and Material Civilisation of Humankind

l How can we Transform the current Social Crisis to

Perpetual Peace on earth?

l Perspectives on Human Nature and the Vision for the Future of Humankind!

l The Roles of Lawyer, psychologist and religious leaders in promoting Universal laws that safeguard the
wellbeing of Entire human race

Riazati is a scientist and strategist at Boeing Company, a psychotherapist and the coordinator of the Family Enrichment Programme at the View Heights Hospital in Los Angeles. 

He has been offering seminars in the United States and abroad on the systemic, holistic and integrated relationships between the core values and shared fundamental principles in science, philosophy, religion, psychology, and psychotechnology. 

His articles and papers on these subjects have appeared in periodicals and journals such as Safinih-i-Irfan and Pazhuheshnameh volumes.

His area of focus in psychology has been in the area of holistic, synergetic, analytical and transpersonal psychology with the special emphasis on helping the individuals to engage in the continual process of their inner revolution, awakening of their true innermost Self, their spiritual renaissance through actualisation of their hidden potentials, and opening up to a deeper, unifying Self which is beyond their pseudo and the skin-encapsulated ego-self.

He is the founder of the Human in The Making Foundation (, a non-profit organisation aiming at motivating, and empowering the individuals to actualise their hidden noble potentials, enriching families and communities and enable them to develop social interests, offer unconditional services to their fellow humans, and continuously engage in abolishing human rights violations and abuses.




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