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God Saved Me, Says Woman Shot By Cops

Emily Chizake
A woman who was shot with an AK-47 by the police in Mahalapye is recuperating from a torn thigh at the village hospital.

From the Mahalapye District Hospital bed, the woman, Emily Chizake mumbled when interviewed: “I was shot at close range. God saved me.”

The incident happened at Leretlweng ward in the wee hours of Tuesday during the President’s Holidays. Still in pains, Chikaze confirmed she underwent two operations and that she was recovering from the gunshot wound.

“It’s painful, but I am recovering. The police are supportive and I am kept abreast of all the developments surrounding this issue,” she said last week.

The police deputy public relations officer, senior superintendent Near Bagali said an inquiry into the matter was underway and necessary measures would be taken. “We have launched an inquiry on the matter and once we complete it, it would be referred to the police commissioner and necessary action would be taken,” said Bagali.

The Gaborone-based businesswoman met her fate the day she had visited her grandmother in Mahalapye. She had brought her three children and three nieces home for the school holidays.

Chizake arrived in Mahalapye on Monday late afternoon, but was gunned down in the wee hours of the next day at her grandmother’s house.

The mother of three was outside the house waiting for a cab when she met her ordeal.

“I had

arrived at around five in the village and went around checking on my friends. When I got back home, it was already midnight. I was hungry, so I called a cab to take me to a restaurant,” she narrated.

“I went outside to wait for the cab. While waiting at the gate, two guys I knew from the neighbourhood came along and we chatted.”

She said while at the gate, a police car approached. By the time it reached her household, she was already walking towards the main house to get a jacket.

“I heard one of the guys asking the police not to cork the gun. Before I knew it, I heard a gun sound and I fell,” she continued.

Chizake said after she was shot down, the police car sped off. The neighbours came to witness but they could not help.

“I heard the police were tracked down and called back to the scene by security that was on patrol close by. When they returned I had already fainted.” She said the police took her to the hospital.

“They told me an officer who shot me was using an AK-47 rifle. I was shot at close range, God saved me,” Chizake said.




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