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Sebego Attorneys Certified By BOBS

The Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) has recently awarded the BOS ISO 9001:2015 certification to Sebego Attoneys.

This marks a milestone, as the law firm is the first to be given such an award. 

The certification underpins Sebego Attorneys’ commitment to providing a comprehensive range of quality legal services.

Speaking at a recent ceremony, deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry, Shelly Montsho stated that the awarding of the IOS certificate is a unique achievement.

She said it was the certification of its kind where a law firm is recognised and certified by the country’s national bureau of standards.

Montsho, who was in attendance in place of assistant minister Karabo Gare, indicated that it was a confirmation that Sebego Attorneys offers quality services to its clients and also intends to maintain consistency in offering quality service to the nation. 

She further stated that it also confirms that the law firm intends to commit to excellence and adherence to national standards.

“To reach this milestone, I am informed that Sebego has reengineered its processes and procedures as well as trained its staff to ensure that the quality management processes are put in order,” she stated.

“The other notable development in this regard is that they have a policy on quality-standardised

procedures and they do carry out audits on a regular basis.”

BOBS managing director, Masego Marobela said she was delighted to have yet again handed-over another BOB IOS 9001:2015 of Quality Management Systems certificate, but this time to a law firm.

Marobela stated that Sebego Attorneys has proven their commitment through their activities and attainment of this certification in an impressive record five months.

She added that the certification is a deliberate and strategic process that can help an organisation foster and improve its overall performance, meet and in certain instances exceed its customers’ expectations, requirements and needs.

Marobela stated that the certification also aids Sebego Attorneys to determine factors that could cause its processes and quality management system to deviate from planned results and help device preventive measures to curb potential risks within the law firm.

The law firm stands to benefit on being able to address risks and opportunities associated with its mandate, context and objectives, having the ability to consistently provide services that meet customer, applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, having opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction and having the ability to demonstrate conformity to specified quality management system requirements.




Ka Mme Mma Boipelego

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