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Tasha T Shoeline Hits Streets

After many years of planning and redesigning shoes, the Tasha T shoe line was officially launched at the Number 1 Ladies Detective Café last week. 

Speaking at the launch event, Tasha T Founder and Creative Director, Ninie Sefhemo spoke on the embodiment of African culture.

“Every pair is a gift right from the heart of Africa. It’s not just a shoe, it is a celebration of Africa. The attention to detail, the quality of material and the craftsmanship are of the highest calibre, designed by men and women dedicated to preserving the continent’s rich heritage and sharing the beauty of their world with the rest of the world,” Ninie said. 

Made from innovative creations of exquisite leathers, African prints, beads, wood and recycled tyres, Tasha T is envisioned to highlight and celebrate the continent of Africa, a continent that abounds with natural resources and rich cultures. The name Tasha T is an ode to Sefhemo’s daughter, Natasha Tshukudu.

For her part, Ponalo Tumelo of Brand Botswana commended the Tasha T team on a job well done, 

“These shoes could not have come at a better time when there is a focus on local products, when Batswana are being asked to buy and support local. The use of natural resources, recycling of tyres, African fabric and beads shows that the impact such a product will have goes far beyond just the shoes; it helps the

environment, celebrates various cultures and helps in job creation. It shows that we are a step closer to efforts in encouraging the local manufacturing of our own products using our own materials,” he said.

“As the Tasha T shoe line is being born, the fashion industry in Botswana also moves forward and I look forward to seeing people adorned in these beauties. In fact, I look forward to seeing Batswana adorned from head to toe in local products where our fashion is right now. It is already possible.”

The Tasha T shoe launch event was an intimate showcase and a networking event where guests were allowed to experience the shoe and interact with one another in the hope of establishing relations to further propel the creative landscape in the country from an apparel point of view. 

The official launch saw the unveiling of two shoe styles, being the Ankara purple sneaker and the Shweshwe Blue and White sneakers. Ankara fabric is commonly found in West Africa and its southern counterpart is the Shweshwe Blue, commonly known as leteisi locally.

In addition to varying designs and colours, all shoes are fitted with leather trimmings and have innovative foam technology to ensure the utmost comfort and foot support.




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