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Coming Soon Berates Vee Mampeezy

Popular dancer, Coming Soon and Vee Mampeezy's relationship has gone sour with the former accusing his former employee of exploitation PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO
Popular dancer, Francis Kalwa also known as ‘Coming Soon’ this past weekend shocked the music industry when he accused his long time employer, Odirile Sento aka Vee Mampeezy of exploiting, belittling and neglecting him.

“I made these people rich,” the visibly distraught acrobatic dancer from DRC hissed angrily in a live Facebook video.

Coming Soon said he had nothing to show after working with Vee over the past years. He even threatened to return to his home country and not return to Botswana again.

“It is so disheartening. He (Vee) is getting richer but I don’t care. I made these people,” he said. Though confessing his love for the Letlhale hitmaker as a brother, the dancer pointed out that he has realised that the latter was selfish.

Meanwhile, the online rant sparked a rather calm response from Vee who said he “choose to lose” than engage in a word of war with the dancer. Vee Mampeezy responded with a live Facebook video indicating that he had taken the high road and refrained from publicly exposing Coming Soon’s bad deeds.

“I want to clarify that I will not be able to defend myself on this issue because Coming Soon is my brother and almost like a son to me,”  Vee growled in his trademark smokey voice.

In the video, in which he He also explained that if he revealed his side of the story he would expose a lot of things that will end up harming his former dancer. Instead, he would take the bullet for Coming Soon. “I still stand by my word. People should keep on supporting Coming Soon. He is a good artist and dancer,” he added.

Vee further made it clear that he would not expose his

dancers’ salaries on Facebook.

“No one can stay with his or her employer for many years despite mistreatment,” he said. The Dumalana song maker said he would rather be regarded as a bad guy than harm the 38-year-old dancer’s reputation.

“As a big artist you go through a lot of things and I will conquer this as well,” he said. He disclosed that he has been helping Coming Soon since way back and his doors are still open for the latter besides their current feud.

The rocky romance between Vee and Coming Soon goes a lot further back than one can imagine. For instance, in the past there were fears that he may have fallen out with Coming Soon but Vee was always quick to deny the feud. It’s been a good ride for Vee Mampeezy all these years and Coming Soon has been on his side the entire time.

Some people who claim to have got the whole thing figured out have often accused Vee of mistreating the dancer even though the latter had not publicly revealed anything until this past weekend. Coming Soon used to drive a white BMW sedan that Vee allegedly bought for him. There were some allegations that Vee took back the car after a couple of delinquencies on the part of Coming Soon.

“I don’t have anything to show, even all of my cars are gone,” Coming Soon hinted in the live video. Vee Mampeezy did clarify that his company sometimes buys cars for employees as incentives.




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