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Jarateng Business Concept Fills Community Gap

Having noted a gap in the community, 33-year-old Kaelo Sabone, born and raised in Lobatse, started a local business called Jarateng, which is only six months old.

Sabone, told Business Monitor that the inspiration behind starting such a community business concept is his mother who traded from home hence ‘Jarateng’. He noted that he developed a love for working with food from a tender age hence the need to give birth to Jarateng.

Narrating his journey towards having one of the best chilling spots today, the former Limkokwing lecturer and a master’s in journalism graduate, who aspires to become a barbeque master, said he wanted to bring food to the people, where they could just come and buy their braai and go, but instead it turned out to be one of the most popular chilling spots in town.

“I wanted to give people a feel of home, where they can just come and get food the way they want them,” he said.

He highlighted that the turn out of Jarateng came as a shock as he just thought it would attract a few people, but instead it became popular and where people like to come and chill while they wait for their food. He said that is when he realised Batswana are highly

supportive of local businesses.

However, like any other business, Sabone stated that he experienced a few downfalls. 

He said he lost a few of customers as people felt that their orders took too long before they could actually get their food, but he stated that it is because he wants to give people food that is well cooked instead of half cooked as he values his customers.

He further stated that customer service is a problem.

He also noted that he wanted to employ youths who had the least working experience just so they can also have working experience for future life opportunities provided they are from around the area where his business is. 

“I didn’t want to employ people who had experience because most of them are already employed so I thought to myself, why not employ youths from the community to help serve the community while gaining work experience at the same time,” he said.

Additionally, Sabone stated that if the Jarateng model works to its best ability, he will be opening doors for young people to buy into his business and own a franchise.




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