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Fan-tit Creations fills digital void

As the music industry requires new digital inventions in the creation of heart soothing videos, the birth of Fan-tit Creations emerged in 2012 by Titoga Fanyana to fill the void.

The dedicated young man showed his utmost passion in the establishment of his business as a videographer. That he accomplished despite lack of funds and other resources needed in the smooth operations of his business outfit.

Fanyana started off by in his journey taking video clips in festivals using his cellular phone (a Nokia X2) and then editing low quality shots. “As time went on I applied for the Youth Development Fund but my proposal rejected. At that moment I felt like quitting the field and then focus on something else.  My family members did not understand my burning eager to establish a proper business entity that makes legitimate music videos,” Titoga told Arts & Culture in an interview this week.

For a man who did not have a proper digital camera for his project, Fanyana indicated that his passion for the digital music did not wane despite the odds.

“I later approached a very close friend called Prince Douglas and shared with him my struggles.

As fortune would have it, the friend bought a digital camera for me,” Fanyana added.

Having acquired a camera,  he then tried to work with several music artists and but they rejected him. “As I continued to knock on doors for assistance, I met an upcoming artist, Lekwete Kep’tein Moks (Afro-pop artist). At first he did not trust my work but he gave me an opportunity to do video shooting for him. I did the video shooting with a mission to prove my detractors,” he explained.

Fanyana’s efforts came to fruition in 2016 when he was nominated in the top three under best music DVD category at the BOMU Music Awards.

“That’s when I got breakthrough in my career.  My work is being aired on Botswana Television (BTV).  More artists are now willing to work with me without sidelining Jack Botlhoko as he assists me with other equipment. Tumza of The Big Bullets made sure I have a place to work in,” he concluded.




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