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Maun Seco Does It Again

Francistown, a city turning out to be the centre of Botswana sport, was lit as Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) athletics finals were in full swing a few days before Easter break.

The ambiance that came with the event was akin to what our national football team (the Zebras) bring to the Ghetto.

The excitement that took place in the stadium was beyond that which the young generation experience when witnessing the only ‘spaghetted’ road structure that we have. Personal bests and national records came under scrutiny as athletes outperformed themselves.

The intensity and immensity of the competitions can only mean one thing, that Botswana has enormous potential in the area of sports, arts and performance.

One school (Maun Secondary School) seem to have the keys to unlocking success at these events. Since time immemorial, the school has been dominating the event, scooping more medals than any other. In (Lobatse, 2013) the school amassed 31 medals altogether; 13 of them being Gold.

The trend has continued till date. In this year’s BISA finals, the school managed to solicit 32 medals comprising 16 Gold, eight silver and eight bronze. This is amazing. Not only does the school pride itself with accumulation of many medals, it is also in the habit of breaking and setting new athletics records. In 2017, Tshepiso Masalela set a national record of  one minute 53 seconds in the 800m junior men category.

In 2019, a whopping 11.01 second 100m national record was set by Mphologang Qxaxee in the senior men category. In the same event this year, a Javelin new national record of 55.27 from 53.07m was set by Rafaera Muruweru. These records are a good sign that Botswana’s

athletics future looks very optimistic.

Due to its ecstatic performance, the school contributes immensely to the composition of various national athletics teams. Representing your country in an international event is the ultimate goal for any athlete.

This year, the school is again contributing four members to the team that will represent the nation at the COSSASA tournament. They include Boitshepiso Kelapile, Alicia Xweta, Tshiamo Hangani and Anthony Pesela.

We wish them the best as they would be carrying the national flag on our behalf. The school’s sports manager, Ronald Mmipi credits the awesome results to the ever hardworking coaching team that the school has.

We work as a team, he says.

He also points to the relentless support that the school administration provides in ensuring that facilitation is apt and meeting the standards.

It is the goal of the Ministry of Basic Education (MoBE) to provide equitable access to education by strengthening skills development through multiple pathways. Through BISA competitions, the sports pathway is being cultivated. Very soon, there will be that need to create well-structured system within our curriculum to further nourish sports talents in schools.

Rather than losing sports talents after the basic 10 years of education, I think we need to look at how we can utilise these potentials within the current framework. Specialised schools is what we dream for in the future. My hope is that the dream leads us to Maun Secondary School in as far as sports development is concerned. Bravo  Maun Seco.

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