Who Says Khama Must Go?

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The turmoil currently gripping the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) is making critics fearful that it could spill over or has already filtered into government, and that President Ian Khama should resign before things get out of hand.

However, the majority of people Monitor spoke to on the streets of Francistown said Khama should not go because he has instilled discipline in the both party and government.

Dineo Mosaninda, 26, beauty therapist: "President Khama should not go anywhere. He has brought a lot of changes to this country. People who say he does not consult when he makes decisions are wrong because he does.

"The fact that he is a former soldier should not be used as an excuse to vilify him. I would regret it very much if Khama were to resign."

Yvonne Keemetswe, 26, office assistant: There is nothing wrong with Ian Khama. I do not know why people would call for his resignation because he is doing a fine job for this country; he has brought restoration.

Dimpho Phuthego, 32, life insurance consultant: I am very comfortable with Ian Khama as President of Botswana. Just look at the changes he has brought to this country. Civil servants are no longer doing as they please, because they know they could get fired.

Nowadays, they go to work on time and knock off at the right time.

"This is unlike before when they used to hang their jackets in the office and speed off to their cattle posts. In the villages, our old women and orphans are well taken care of.

Even if some people can say it is not enough, the truth of the matter is that it is better than nothing."

Gaolatlhe Botlolamang, Headman of Record, Ghani village (Okavango): Those people who say Khama should resign are doing so because they are used to corruption and maladministration that used to take place before he took over. But now that he is President they are feeling the pinch, which is why they are agitating for his resignation so that they can continue milking the country unhindered.

Joseph Modimoopelo, 30, from Tonota: "The way I see it, those calling for the resignation of the President

are exercising their democratic right.

"He should be left alone until the elections are over, then it will be right to question him."

Obonye Jonas, 24, attorney: 'President Khama should not have involved himself in the suspension of Gomolemo Motswaledi as Secretary General of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) because he is an interested party. The section that empowers him to do so only says under exceptional circumstances.

"The decision he has taken is unprecedented. A ruling party is an ipso facto government. There is no way we can isolate the ruling party from government because when the ruling party is in chaos, the government also becomes chaotic.

"So I fully endorse those who say Khama should resign before things get out of hand and the country slides into anarchy."

JP Gunda, businessman: "Khama is instilling discipline. We can't have everyone doing as they like; Khama should stay."

Lillian Griesmeir, sales advisor: I want Ian Khama to go. He is not doing his job. But I think his advisors are equally to blame as it seems they are not advising him properly."

Irene Mariba, sales advisor: I do not want Ian Khama to go but I would like him to be properly advised because I think his advisors are not doing their job. I do not want Khama to step down because he has brought a lot of changes since he took over the reins.

We have to realise that people have got their weak points; perhaps President Khama's weak point is acting impulsively whenever confronted with a daunting situation."

Dumilano Jotia: "President Ian Khama should not resign because he has strengthened the security of this country in that before thieves used to come into the country and do as they please. But these days, they know our security agencies are ready to deal with them; the gate-crashing of this country has stopped due to Ian Khama's tough stance and things are generally getting better these days."



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