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Gabz Experience Fills Gaps In Botswana Travel Market

Nyaladzi Monyamane has big plans for the company PIC: PHATSIMO KAPENG
Botswana prides herself with pristine tourism destinations like the Okavango Delta, gorges, and historical sites, amongst others. As a result, many locals and international tourists visit these places for relaxation, photography and educational tours.

To help travellers reach these destinations, a local travel company has come up with affordable packages for tourists.

The Gabz Experience through its slogan, ‘Pride of Intra-African Tourism’, aims at giving both Batswana and expatriates a tour to remember to destinations of their choice in and outside the country.

The company’s managing director, Nyaladzi Monyamane said he started the travel outfit in 2017 after identifying a gap in the market. He had realised that tourists struggled with information on Botswana and Gaborone in particular.

“I identified that information packaging is lacking in the capital city and when people visit Gaborone, they are keen on learning more about the history of Botswana but they don’t know who to ask for help, hence the birth of The Gabz Experience,” he explained. When the company was founded, it established partnerships with different tourism destinations to provide the ordinary Motswana with affordable packages compared to what they would face if they went there on their own.

By then Gabz Experience’s main focus was locals, but as

the years went by and the company grew, it got exposed to other countries in Southern Africa. Monyamane said they recently received an invite to Ethiopia, Addis Ababa for a cultural exchange event.

“This was a great opportunity for us given that our company has only been in existence for two years. During this cultural exchange event, we will be given the platform to showcase our traditional cuisine and attire just to give them a glimpse of our tradition back at home,” he said.

To attract more customers, Gabz Experience’s packages offer professional photography and an educational session about the monuments that are being toured. Tourists are also taken to other historical events around town.

“Our services are not only limited to adults. We also have services that we provide to pre-schools where we take children to these monuments and historical sites for only P50 per child.

“This is just to teach them our history from an early age since most of are not exposed to it,” Monyamane said.




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