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Masilo's mother posits son needed father figure

Murder convict, Thabo Masilo, 28, appeared before the High Court on Monday with his mother, Victoria Masilo, taking the stand to give the court a glimpse into her son’s upbringing.

She talked about her son’s psychosocial development where she stated that Masilo grew up without a father or rather a male figure to raise and support him as a boy child.  Being one of three women born to her own parents, Victoria had no brother to fill in the shoes of a much-needed male role model in Masilo’s life. 

“In his upbringing I realised that Thabo was a slow thinker and also had impaired speech, of which the doctors confirmed,” Victoria added. 

“Thabo being my first child and also male, I thought it was the reason why it took so long for him to adhere to any situation.  I also figured that he was a child who preferred playing with kids much younger than him, as they did not judge him,” she explained. 

“As a result of that I had to continuously advice him to dress properly and to eat appropriately.” 

As Masilo proceeded to tertiary school at Botho University he carried the responsibility of maintaining how to use his monthly allowance, his mother said. 

“That’s when now I got to realise that he lacked budgetary skills, but because he was staying with my sister at the time, I never gave him money.  Rather I would buy whatever it is that was needed.”

Due to the fact that her son’s thinking was incapacitated and also had no budgetary skills, Victoria says she saw it fit to be transferred from Shoshong to Gaborone of which happened towards the end of October 2012.  She added that it took a short period of time before she received the dread phone call on that Saturday afternoon from the Gaborone West Police Station about her son’s arrest for murder. 

When Masilo took the stand, his attorney Kgosietsile Ngakaagae made it clear to him that the court had already made a decision

that he murdered Tshepang Motlhabane.

To give the court a clear picture of what transpired on the day of the murder, Ngakaagae asked Masilo to explain what happened. 

“On November 16, 2012 I went to visit my friends at Phase 4, where we decided to go somewhere near Game City in front of Botho University to purchase marijuana from people whose names I did not know their as it appeared selling was illegal,” Thabo narrated.  

He elaborated on the events of the day, stating that after they had purchased marijuana they went to buy two crates of Black Label quarts.  They drank about seven of them and smoked three rolls of marijuana upon arriving in Phase 4 bushes at a football field near Pure Drop bar. 

At the deceased’s home, Masilo stated that he was highly intoxicated, as he felt dizzy.  He added he was in no state to reflect on what was right or wrong when he was stabbing Motlhabane because it all happened in an intoxicated haze. Masilo said he acknowledged that what he did was wrong and he still remains regretful of his actions and says he would not kill again should he be given a second chance at freedom. 

Masilo told the court that he is studying Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship while in jail of which he is in his last semester of his final year of study.  He added that he plays football in his leisure time. 

“I am very regretful of my actions.  I never thought I could ever do such a thing. I always include Tshepang’s family in my prayers and I do hope they have a sense of forgiveness towards me as the Lord says forgive as thou shall be forgiven,” Masilo stated remorsefully when asked what last words he had for the Motlhabane family.




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