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Good Customer Service Plays A Significant Role

Welcome in year 2019. We all know that customer service in our country is a far cry from being at par with international standards. Actually, tourists and people who visit our country for any other reason have often complained about our poor customer service.

Here are some of the tips for Customer Service Personnel/ Executives. Customer Service Personnel or Executive is the key to every organisation or company. He/she has the power to grow or bring down the organisation. Customer Service Personnel/ Executive is the face of every organisation so that means he/she adheres to the five principles of Customer Service-Be Polite, Smile Always, Be Humble, Thank You and Be Smart.

Be Polite:-Greet Customers with a welcoming face or a relaxed voice on the phone. Introduce: Your company, your name, above all thank the customer for calling. Example: Good morning thank you for calling…….Mpho speaking May I assist you?

Warlk In Customer: Good morning welcome to………My name is Mpho. I am here to assist you Sir/Madam. Kindly ask the customer his/her name. “You are Mr. /Miss……………? Thank the customer politely with a smile.

Smile Always: - We all have challenges in life. We must always put a smile on our faces besides the challenges, as customer service personnel/ Executives, smile to every  customer, to make him/her feel welcome and important to the company.

Telephone: - It is a communication tool used to put the message across to the other party.  One party can tell the mood of

another party through the phone. So if you answer the phone smiling, the other party will tell because your voice will be clear, smooth and sound happy and ready to assist. The power of a smile……..

Be Humble: - Be on your marks, be ready, be alert, and be relaxed to offer extra ordinary service or the-best-of-your-ability service with love and open heart. Never fold your arms to your chest. You are simply saying “do not approach me, and keep your distance”.

Keep your arms to your sides straight and empty, never frown, never scratch your head talking to a customer. You are signalling that you are not sure of what you are saying.  Never bite a pen or your nails. You are saying get out of here you are boring me and wasting my time. Never yawn, chew or whistle. You are insulting a customer to no degree.

Be Smart:- Neatness from head to toe. Be clean. Wear your name badge always. Avoid garlic, cigarettes chewing a gum when assisting customers. Be presentable and smart always.

Thank You: - Always thank the client.

Thank you for calling.

Thank you for holding.

Thank you for stopping by.

Thank you and have a nice day.



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Iketle pele teacher, a principal waitse

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