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Cliff: The man who loved football more than his family

Kgosana Mogomotsi and Lebogang Seboni. PIC. KENNEDY RAMOKONE
Last Friday, the football fraternity was robbed of one of its loyal servants in Mochudi Centre Chiefs’ vice chairperson, Clifford Mogomotsi. Yesterday, hundreds thronged the National Stadium to pay tribute to the fallen hero and Mmegi Sport Correspondent, KABELO BORANABI joined the multitudes

Seabelo Mogomotsi (Brother)

With sadness, I never thought I would be speaking about my brother at this moment. To be honest, Cliff was an inspiration to the whole family in all spectrums. He always encouraged me to further my studies especially after he returned from the UK. He was always a ‘smooth’ character and boasted a lot about his qualifications. But one thing that was more important to him was football. When we were young, he would even go to the extent of paying me to do his chores at the cattle post, so he could focus on football.

Ernest Molome (Chiefs representative)

He was that kind of person who loved this team more than his family. He was instrumental in the rise of the team especially during the time we won the league undefeated. Cliff would spend every weekend of the seven months of the football league away from his wife and children. He was a good recruiter (of players) and loyal person to his seniors. He was more of a ‘lelope’ hence he managed to achieve certain things in life. When we were voted into office in 2006, Cliff realised that the team were miles behind the likes of Township Rollers, Extension Gunners and Gaborone United and he knew that one way to grow the team’s brand was through the media; that’s where his journey as public

relations officer, began.

Segolame Ramotlhwa (BFA vice president)

With him, this PR job was more of a talent than anything else. This was a God-given talent. The man perfected his role very well. He is one of the few football administrators who were well learned; he knew the football rules and regulations by heart. He was well informed, and most importantly, was loyal to football and Mochudi Centre Chiefs. He is the reason why this team had reached certain levels in the past. 

Phillip Makgalemele (Ass. Minister MYSC)

Mogomotsi had an impact in the development of the game locally. He understood that for football to grow you need the input of all stakeholders; from the fans, administrators, players and sponsors. His impact has been recognised countrywide. As the football family we had a lion’s share of his life, than his very own family. 

Kgosana Mogomotsi (Uncle)

Leha baruti bare ke dilo tsa Modimo ke belaela ngwana waga nkgonne asa tsewa ke Modimo. Team e ya Centre Chiefs e aparetswe ke tlhakatlhakano e tona. Tlhakatlhakano e eko setlhopheng, ke belaela e bakile leso laga Cliff. O diretse setlhopha mme bangwe ba bona asa dire sentle kana ke bua ka batho ba eleng gore lenna baba tona mogo nna. Mme hela ha nka okomela ebe ke itlhela sengwe, kare Passop! Ale ka itumela ha lenna nka dira bana ba lona yaana?




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