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Few Attend MiCasa Show

For what was supposed to be the biggest shutdown of this year’s Mascom Live Sessions, the night turned out to be a disappointment in the festival headlined by South African house group MiCasa.

The show, which was held at Botswanacraft last Friday, did not attract a lot of fans compared to the previous ones. 

Usually, Mascom Live Sessions shows are sold out, but this one failed to attract more people probably because of the Christmas parties around the city. 

Han C started the show by performing his recent songs like Mafurafura.

Even though he is more powerful as a vocalist than a performer, the talented singer engaged with his crowd as people ignored the impending unfavourable weather conditions.

Han C, who was recently featured by DJ Kuchi in the trending song called Rejection stalled as fans begged for the song.

Han C performed Sedi Laka amongst others before wrapping up with the people’s favourite song. Former Yarona FM presenter DJ Robbie Rob did his magic on the decks.

But when Micasa arrived on stage, people were not as excited as they ought to have been.

The house group, which was performing live, served the crowd with their popular

songs like These Streets and Turn You On.  The group, which is known for their unique dance songs, had some sections of the crowd eating out of the palm their hand.

Micasa recently released their new song called Love Is…, but most people were not familiar with it.

At the end, Micasa performed one of their more famous tracks called Jika, which the revellers enjoyed immensely. 

Even if it was not a soldout event, the performers really tried to bring out their best to satisfy those who came to support. 

After the show, the lead singer of Micasa J’Something thanked the fans for coming to the show.

“One of the best nights of my life on stage. Like top 3 shows of all time for me.

Botswana I have no words ... your energy was just UNREAL! Thank you for pouring out so much love, we truly are blessed by you,” read his post on Facebook. Mascom Live Sessions return next year.




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