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A Million Questions

Ashley Thaba
Growing up there is always that kid. You know the one that asks a million questions and the teacher is always getting annoyed? That was me! I wasn’t trying to get on her nerves but I just had to know!

Learning new things excites me because I love understanding WHY things are the way they are. I couldn’t believe it just because the teacher said it! If it didn’t make logical sense to me, I poked and prodded until the matter was clarified.

Then, I began to be curious about spiritual matters. The concept that there was an unseen God who loved me and had sent His son as an atoning sacrifice so that I could have a personal relationship with Him intrigued me! But, it also left me with loads of questions!! One day, as I studied the Bible to learn more about this Supernatural Force I sought to understand, I stumbled upon this verse, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3

Matthew 7:7 stated “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Could it be that God was a teacher who wouldn’t be annoyed by my questions and actually encouraged me to voice out my concerns and seek Him for clarification on issues of confusion in my thoughts and life? It was then, many years ago, that I began a lifelong quest of going to the wisest source in the Universe for answers to my daily questions. Countless years later, I am not disappointed. God’s word has taught me many life lessons and I have become wiser through this journey due to seeking God first. I am humbled and honored to have been entrusted with sharing some of these answers with you on a weekly basis through this new column, Life Lessons, I am by no means perfect nor am I all-knowing on the issues of Christianity. If I were, I would be God and I am most certainly NOT! However, I am a person who genuinely believes that God, through His word, and the wisdom He gives us through His Holy Spirit does provide us with answers to our life’s questions.

I am confident that some of the areas that have been of concern and mystery to me over the years have also cropped up in your minds. Let’s use this column to search the scriptures, examine the verses, and deduce answers that will hopefully give us peace of mind and wiser actions. I

may not be able to answer all your questions, but I am praying for wisdom because I know God tells us we can call to Him with these inquiries. I also choose to believe in the promise of James 1:5, which states “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

I have faith that God says Ask and it shall be given and seek and we will find. Together, we will search God’s Holy and timeless book and analyze His words to find guidance that can help us on a daily basis in practical ways. Recently, I was invited to a local radio station. As the author of Dive In, a practical guide on how to go deeper into the Bible, the presenter decided to open up the phone lines during the interview and welcomed the listeners to call in with whatever questions about the Bible they had. A planned 30 minute interview quickly turned to 2 hours as listeners flooded the text, phone and WhatsApp lines with their questions. Clearly, this is a topic of interest to many!! I am thankful the Monitor is seeking to address this area of interest in the lives of Batswana!

You can listen to that interview by simply going to YouTube and searching for Ashley Thaba. On my channel, look for the YaRona Bible interview.  Let me share some of the questions that were asked as a way to get the wheels churning in your minds with questions you might want to ask me over the weeks to come.

How does one have a relationship with God?

What is the difference between the Old Testament and New Testament?

Who wrote the Bible?

Can the average person understand the Bible?

Why should we go to church when it is full of hypocrites?

What does the Bible say about sex?

How can we know God’s will for our lives?

Can you give me tips on overcoming sin in my life?

Is it wrong to be a mega rich pastor?

If someone was tempted to do something corrupt, what would Jesus tell them?

What are the benefits of following Christ?

 How do we know God exists if we can’t see Him?

Ashley Thaba

Email your questions to: Buy a paper next week and pray that God gives me His wisdom to answer your questions.

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