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Ponka the disco queen releases Golokile

A local disco queen, Ponka whose real names are Lebadi Baipidi has released her fourth album titled Golokile. Golokile was released on November 1 and recorded at Solasko studio. Ponka said the album tackles life in general.

The eight songs include Golokile, Mapantsula, Re Ka Lapa, Baba Ba Xolele, Lefatshe featuring Tawanda, Drive Safety, Go Fetogile and Seromamowa (RB1).

“All my songs are meant to comfort my listeners. What makes my music more appealing and different from other genres is that through disco, I can freely convey any type of message I want.

I can even infuse it with other genres such as reggae, gospel and any kind of music. Tumelo ‘Skonkovia’ Mafoko and myself, being the executive producer,produced this album,” she said.

Ponka said she would be launching Golokile next year because she is already booked for festive where she will be performing at Molapowabojang with South Africa’s queen of Disco Patricia Majalisa, Slindile, BY4 and other disco giants from SA.

Even though she has not yet launched her album, Ponka said she had taken it to various radio stations where it has been received well by the public. She said she had also promoted it in various social media platforms where she got a positive feedback.

Ponka said she chose disco music because she liked the genre since her childhood. Her father who was a DJ at Metsimaswaane lands became her role model and inspired her love for music.

She said she

also looked up to Mercy Pakela from SA when growing up. Since entering the music scene in 2000 till now, Ponka remains a strong player.

She says she does not see the point of releasing a new album annually because disco music does not expire.  “My target audience is middle age people and adults who grew up listening to pantsula music. I started singing at a very young age at the village and school choirs. In 2000 I joined Vomit’s group till later in 2002.

After leaving the group, in 2002 till 2004 I started working with the band called Thibazo and the Secret Weapon. I later left it and joined Hot Spark in 2004. All those groups were dealing with disco music. I was their lead vocalist and we were playing live music,” she said.

She said on realising that people loved her voice, she decided to go solo and later released her first album in 2011. Her previous albums include Samora (2011), Kedibonye (2013) and Pantsula Gal (2016).




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