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DJ Kuchi's Rejection sets festive mood

It's no surprise that every time Han C puts lyrics on a DJ Kuchi beat the magic always plays out.

The release of their collaboration called Rejection will slowly bring the attention back to local music after King Monada almost had the whole country fainting over and over, over his song Malwedhe (Idibala).

Forget Idibala, Rejection is indeed a festive tune and from the way people have been uploading Rejection videos on social media, they are ready to welcome December. 

With little effort Han C's voice will always demand attention.  From Sedi Laka to Mafurafura the Setswana lyricist always finds a way to make Batswana enjoy vocals in their own vernacular.  This is a man who has impressed Sun El Musician of Sonini and Akanamali fame. 

As a matter of fact, Batswana should not only get this song on top of the local radio charts, but

they should export this boy because he may be Botswana‚Äôs very own Justin Bieber.  It is perhaps not fair for other local artists because with Han C, the latter's fans always get what they want. 

But above everything else this is a DJ Kuchi song and for some reason the beat is strong enough to explode through this summer heatwave.  His delivery on the production overwhelms as one has to replay this song in their minds over and over again possibly until 2019. 

Whoever wrote this song was going through some serious emotions because either in the relationship, job or their life they recognise that all humans are afraid of rejection.  Now that the song is here, let the festive season begin!




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