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Masisi Versus Khama

Masisi delivering the SONA PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE
About 11 years ago when President Ian Khama assumed the presidency I wrote in one of the local newspapers, that he was God sent. If you ask me now I would give a different answer because I was neither a prophet nor a fortuneteller and still I am not.

I was only hoping just like a lot of us had high hopes on his leadership and maybe expected more. Remember, I am still not a prophet but today and now I can confidently say Rre Masisi is our Messiah. Note, that is my personal opinion. I may belong to a different political party for now but I like him.

In politics there are no permanent enemies. That is why we see some politicians having three different membership cards for different political parties. We know them and it’s not a secret. Some of the issues we used to complain and campaign about have been positively attended to by Rre Masisi.

I feel proud to be a Motswana at the moment because the President wants to see a progressive nation. As for the coming general elections, it is unfortunate that we might get the lowest number of voters ever, simply because of the infightings amongst all political parties except for the Alliance For


We are at a time where political parties should be campaigning and convincing voters to vote for them; but more time is spent on factions and infightings. But I urge all responsible citizens to register and vote. Some voters might be demoralised and discouraged, but it is important to register.

As for the pastors who want the nation to pray for peace between Rre Masisi and Rre Khama, I think they came in a bit late.

But nothing comes in late for God. We shall pray with them. Let’s pray and leave all to God. Sending some elders to mediate will not help the situation at the moment. The two of them will and can fix and sort out their differences because they are responsible and mature leaders. They have solved more serious issues before and I believe soon it shall come to pass. Let’s not get excited and exaggerate the issue.


Eddie Mdluli

Jackalas No1

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