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Palapye’s staunch members leave BCP

BCP members
PALAPYE: Botswana Congress Party (BCP) is facing an exodus of its staunch members in the Palapye constituency following the party’s disputed primary elections.

Veteran politician Comfort Molosiwa, Boikago-Madiba incumbent councillor, Area Gabathusi, Isaac Lepang who contested Mmaphula East and Dineo Tumotumo who contested Mmaphula West have served the party with resignation letters.

Molosiwa argued that the party has lost direction, its message is indefinable and there is no discipline from within the party.

He said the party is failing to observe its rules and regulations and the central committee does not acknowledge the input of other members.

“BCP had a strategic plan that helped it to remain consistent in their message for so many years, but the party has lost that and the message is no longer clear.

“There are certain few individuals within the central committee that seem to own the party and they disregard other members’ contributions,” Molosiwa said, pointing out that the party treats those who join from other parties as outcasts.

The former BCP chairperson for Tswapong region said in the Palapye constituency, they have worked to close the gap between the ruling party, a battle he said they were almost winning, but when critical decisions are made about the constituency, the party disregards foot soldiers.

He said through recklessness of the party leadership, the BCP has regressed in the constituency.

“We are fighting a losing battle, but we have given the party insight of what is happening on the ground and we are given a deaf ear.

“The party has totally lost direction, hence I feel my time is up in partisan politics and I should now serve the people without that hindrance.”

Gabathusi who wrestled Boikago-Madiba from a 52-year Botswana Democratic Party dominance at last year’s by-election was incensed by the party’s ‘lack of principles’ and failure to protect the wards.

Gabathusi lost the ward to Martha Lebang in the recent primary elections. He tendered an appeal, but was not successful.

The civic leader said he accepts the

verdict of the party’s primary elections appeals tribunal.

However, he feels the central committee should have moved to protect the ward by sparing it from the primary elections.

“We had managed to wrestle the ward from the BDP after so long and the least we could have done as a party was to protect it with continuity.

“To bring a new face abruptly will only set off and divide our voters and that is as good as handing back the ward to the BDP.”

“I am worried about the direction the party is moving in Palapye as the party has seriously degenerated because we have lost our principles.

“I am also not comfortable with the candidate the party has fielded for the parliamentary seat and since I can’t work with him, it is best I move on,” Gabathusi said.

Tumotumo and Lepang advanced similar concerns that the party has lost integrity and has no respect for its loyal cadres.

Lepang said he resigned from the party because he was annoyed by the way the party handled the appeals.

He said the hearing that was held in Palapye was a formality.

“The party had convened a meeting for the winning candidates before that hearing and that is how much the leadership of the party doesn’t take us seriously.

“We worked so hard, and there was nothing fair about the primaries. There is no point in chasing after people that would disregard your tireless efforts,” Lepang said. 

The regional secretariat could not confirm and instead sent Mmegi from pillar to post.  The party secretary general, Akanyang Magama’s phone rang unanswered and he did not respond to the message sent to his mobile phone.

BCP’s northern primary elections registered 20 appeals. 

Four were successful and 16 were dismissed. Palapye registered five appeals, all of which were dismissed.




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