BCL liquidator’s character questioned

Liquidator for BCL, Nigel Dixon-Warren had his character and intentions towards the BCL mine questioned and scrutinised by the Public Accounts Committee. Dixon-Warren who has been reported to be raking millions in payment as the liquidator was accused of being not cooperative when dealing with companies or people interested in buying a stake in the mine.

Member of the committee, Mephato Reatile made the committee aware of the matter when he was posing the question to Registrar and Master of the High Court, Michael Mothabi about the liquidator.

Reatile said there have been complaints of Dixon-Warren not being cooperative when dealing with matters involving the BCL.

“There have been concerns that the liquidator is not cooperative, even towards people who enquire about the sale of the mine, yet we are told the mine is struggling to find buyers,” said Reatile. Responding to the matter, Motlhabi said he was not aware of any such complaints about the liquidator.

He explained that if there were such complaints and the creditors are not happy, they were at liberty to make an application to remove him. “The liquidator is engaged with the interest of the mine and its creditors. If the creditors are not happy with his work, an application can be made to remove him,” he explained.  However in an interview with Mmegi, Dixon-Warren said that he has not received any official complaints from anyone.

He explained he might not be aware of any complaints since people are supposed to complain at the

Registrar and Master of High Court instead of him personally and if the Master does not know it means there are no complaints.

“Officially, I have not received any and if the Master is unaware too, it means there has not been any filed,” he said. He explained that at times people go to the ministry to complain where they are referred to High Court since the ministry has no jurisdiction over the matter. Moreover, Dixon-Warren has admitted to upset few people along the way as his interests lie with doing what’s best for the mine and its creditors.

He pointed out that some people accuse him of things such as misusing of funds when they have no proof to that.

“Some people want to be dealt with individually, which is impossible and end up being upset.

Others, after making accusations and when asked to show proof, at times provide fraudulent information and others don’t even have any information at all. I tell such people that I don’t have time for that which can upset them.” Dixon-Warren further said dealing with individuals is time-consuming and can take up to three months.




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