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We need evidence of elephant poaching

This week Botswana made international headlines after the reports of the alleged poaching of 87 (or is it 90?) elephants near a famous sanctuary. This unbalanced poaching report was attributed to Elephants Without Borders (EWB), a non-governmental organisation contracted by the Botswana Government to carry out the dry season aerial survey of elephants and wildlife in the Ngamiland.

The poaching allegations attracted a frenzy of rage especially from the Whites in Europe and United States of America. Even the British Prime Minister, Theresa May joined the fray and bemoaned the death of the jumbos. Most of the angry foreigners came short of insulting the President of Botswana, Mokgweetsi Masisi and wondered why he chose to disarm the rangers from the Department of Wildlife’s anti-poaching unit.

Little did they know that the area in which the alleged poaching took place is under the control of heavily armed Botswana Defence Force (BDF) soldiers. We are not surprised because the truth is the first casualty in a propaganda war.

Theresa, as a Head of State knows the right channels of communication instead of taking her outrage to social media about the issue she does not know of and is poorly informed. We did not expect such cantankerous and reckless behaviour from a person of her social standing.  Such redneck bias does not suit her position.

Is she incensed because of Botswana’s cosy relationship with People’s Republic of China? China’s relationship with Africa is giving Europe and America sleepless nights and they cannot believe it is happening right under their nose. They even have the nerve to say this relationship is “re-colonisation” of Africa.  Another

reason is that tourism in this country is the domain of the Whites.

We know that most of these so-called conservationists do not care about the damage the elephants do to the environment and people’s property. They do not care about the Black human life.  Most of the international media that picked up the report decided to go to town with EWB report, but failed the first basic tenet of journalism, the right of reply. 

The Government of Botswana was not given the right of response despite the damning report. Typical of our government, they reacted when the damage was already done. We do not understand why the government decided to redeploy the former government spokesperson elsewhere but the current spin-doctor just proved to be a reactionary of note. 

We do not think he is even on social media. All is not lost though and we encourage him to up his game. On a parting note, we plead with relevant authorities to provide evidence of real poaching not a half-baked and sensational report by EWB.


Today’s thought 

“In conclusion, the Government of Botswana wishes to condemn in the strongest terms possible attempts by individuals or groups who give a false impression that they love Botswana wildlife more than citizens of Botswana.” 

– Thato Raphaka





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