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Masitara stands as mokoko

Former Gaborone Bonnington North MP Robert Masitara has declared his candidacy for the constituency as an independent candidate.

Writing to his friends and followers on Facebook yesterday

Masitara said: “My application to stand as a Parliamentary Candidate for the Gaborone Bonnington North in next year’s General Elections was blocked by some Corrupt BDP members due to, in my opinion, my unwavering stance on fighting corruption and money laundering”. 

The former Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) MP said after

registering today as a voter in his constituency, it is his intention to then register as an independent candidate for the 2019 general elections. “Funds have been looted from our government and parastatals by a few individuals and our political players in this country are quiet about this because I strongly believe they were funded from such funds. There is a rot in government and parastatals including government oversight agencies.” 

He added that genuine investigations have to be conducted by competent and unbiased investigators to ensure such funds are returned to government and that

the culprits are prosecuted and due justice is served including sending them to prison. “Investigations must be done in areas such as land allocations and all the way to procurement in government and parastatals.

The private sector also has defrauded government through tendering processes and such funds need to be returned and those implicated prosecuted and if found guilty sent to prison.” 

He explained that in 2014 general elections he was voted by approximately 5, 000 Batswana from his constituency and not those who were trafficked from outside.

“For the sake of our children and the future of this country, this is the only chance that a genuine campaign against corruption can be launched and effected. Multitudes of Batswana from local business owners to the average citizen, are suffering and we cannot allow a few individuals to share the billions of Pulas they received through corrupt or illicit means.”






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