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Young businessmen write a book for aspiring entrepreneurs

Two young entrepreneurs, Vusi Jamal and Moemedi Senwelo have written a book for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The book titled, The Making of a Teen Entrepreneur provides tricks and tips for young people on how to establish a profitable business venture from their talents, gifts and abilities. 

Jamal explained in an interview that the book positions teenagers to discover their hidden talents and purpose and link that to entrepreneurship. He said the book teaches a step-by-step guide to the process of building a successful teen business from discovering their purpose.

“In the beginning when we were writing this book, we were specifically targeting young people. We wanted to help people to discover themselves and to discover their full potential. Our key challenge was the battle was lost when you are still young because you take too much time or you discover your purpose or dream later in life. For instance when you are at a university and had already chosen a different course from what you really want to do with your life. This is why we have people who lack passion or motivation in their workplace because it turned out that they are not passionate about the career path they have chosen,” he said. 

Jamal said this was attributed by the lack of support, self-doubt (where one thinks that their dreams are too big), life challenges and others. He said they decided to come up with a book that would motivate and encourage young people on how to discover, pursue and link up with their dreams. He added that the book had advised the

young people how they could link up their existing careers with their passion.

He added that young people could use their background to establish their business. His view is that people must not see their background as a challenge but use it to their advantage. “For instance, a traveller can use different languages, experience and turn them into a business,” he said.

He said the book was what every young person needed especially in a time when a university qualification was not a guarantee to get a job. He said people must keep their passion burning. “We provide the full map system of where to start, where to go, who to approach, how to approach organisations and other things associated with entrepreneurship. Who to work with in case you are short of resources,” he said 

Jamal is a marketing strategist with a degree from UB. He is the founder of PI Consultancy, an entrepreneurship and marketing agency that helps small and medium business penetrate the market. He is also the co-founder of Imani Talent Marketing Agency. His co-writer, Senwelo is a young Motswana entrepreneur from Mochudi based in Francistown. He is the founder and CEO of Freedom Books Crack-it Tuition. He has written books for Cambridge Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

The book launch will be at the University of Botswana Business Block tomorrow, Saturday at 9am. It will bring motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, mentors, life coaches such as Lindo Morolong and Tefo Malika. Entrance is free.




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