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MP Segokgo Thanks Batlokwa

Tlokweng MP Masego Segokgo pleaded with Batlokwa to stop selling land
As time inches closer to election year, politicians are doing a lot to endear themselves to voters. Tlokweng legislator, Masego Segokgo is no exception as he, over the weekend, had a feast with Batlokwa at an event themed ‘Thanksgiving and dialogue with MP over lunch’.

Even though they came late, scores of Batlokwa, young and old, thronged Tlokweng Junior Secondary School on Saturday where Segokgo addressed them on some burning issues, and awarded teams and players who outperformed others in a football tournament he sponsored.

Amongst others, former permanent secretary in the Office of the President Phillip Matsetse graced the event, Tlokweng councillors led by their council chairperson, Phenyo Segokgo, Segokgo’s mother and wife.

Benson Phuthego and comedian MOD directed the ceremony with performances from Fresh Lesokwane, Dr Vom and DJ Gouvia amongst others.

Speaking to Batlokwa, Segokgo expressed concern at the rising cases of men killing their lovers. “It is disheartening at the rate at which men are killing women. That is not love. It should not hurt. We should respect our women and do all we can to raise the boy-child into a responsible man who would not resort to killing,” he said.

Segokgo also encouraged Batlokwa to desist from selling their land, but rather find ways to partner with others to make money out of the land without losing it. He also called on young people to attend Kgotla meetings and be part of the

dialogue rather than have old people make decisions for them without their input. He also encouraged all Batlokwa to utilise his office to bring to his attention any issues they want to share with him.

Segokgo, who recently won Botswana National Front (BNF) primary elections encouraged Batlokwa to register for elections in September so that they are able to elect a leader of their choice in 2019. For his part, Matsetse congratulated Segokgo for having made it in Parliament.

He called on the youth to attend Parliament and visit Segokgo’s office to witness the good job he is doing on their behalf.

He also encouraged him to stick to clean politics and acknowledge the good that others have done rather than condemn everything. Phenyo Segokgo hailed the legislator for the event. “This is the first time we ever had an MP do this for the people in Tlokweng. He has only two years and is already doing wonders.

“I would like to call on you to now give him a full term of five years. Go register and vote him back in so he continues doing good for Tlokweng,” he said.




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