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Leaving No Child Behind

Children are always dismissed in almost everything they do, but Saturday’s Youth Rally held at Gaborone Senior Secondary School grounds at around 8:30am, their voices were heard out concerning their rights.

Stepping Stones International organised the event under the theme ‘Leaving no child behind for Africa’s Development’.

Various schools were invited like Tlokweng Junior Secondary School, Naledi Senior Secondary School, Gaborone Senior Secondary School and youth empowerment from University of Botswana, as well as TNT entertainment. Lisa Jamu, who is the leader of Stepping Stones said that children need to be recognised and parents should listen to their children so that they cannot be left out of Africa’s development and be made part of it.

Also, she talked about parents being honest with their children, and it is the duty of parents to listen to their children’s rights.

One youth empowerment advocate from UB said that children have the issues of accessibility in their education whereby there are few resources at schools. She talked about sexual abuse that is growing in the country with no action is being taken to help the children. 

Lastly, she mentioned that women are belittled, especially in politics.

There are only five women

in politics and the rest are men. 

She mentioned more challenges that children faced and concluded that children needed to position themselves so that their voices are heard. 

She encouraged the children not to just sit down, but to stand up for their rights.

School participant, Katlego Phalaga said that every child has the right in developing their country not only on roads and electricity, but developing their minds and themselves.

He said no child should be left behind no matter the background and situation.

He added that government should allow children to go on trips to see things that they are learning at school, for example they have been taught about diamonds, but they have never seen diamonds with their own eyes. 

Also he said that the government should build schools for children who have failed Form 3 to do something else with their talents because they are the ones who are likely to go on the wrong path because of lack of further opportunities.




Ka Mme Mma Boipelego

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