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COSBOTS Reviews And Implements New Tariffs For Users

The Copyright Society of Botswana is pleased to announce that the rate card for music tariffs, which has been under review have been approved by the regulator and COSBOTS will be implementing the same and applying the new rates for licensing purposes.

Given the vagaries of the economy over the last few years, and the commercial “headwinds” being experienced by both domestic and international markets, together with continuous engagement with all our stakeholders and appreciating their trading challenge, we saw the need to consider our position on tariffs.

With the aforesaid in mind, a process to review tariffs was set in motion that enabled COSBOTS, with the intervention of the Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA), to look into what would be equitable pricing for the usage of musical works that will also enable members to be fairly compensated for their works.

The new tariffs, we believe, will go a long way in benefiting both COSBOTS members and users of musical works, in that we hope it will act as an encouragement for users to license and ultimately ensure that rights owners are appropriately remunerated for the exploitation of their works. We are also hopeful that COSBOTS will see an improved and increased level of compliance across all users, as in the past the main grievance of users, and their reasons for not complying with the provisions of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act as it relates to licensing for playing music for commercial purposes, was the perceived high levels of the COSBOTS tariffs. For those users who were no longer playing music within their establishments complaining that the tariff was unaffordable, the revised pricing presents an opportunity for these customers to re-assess their position and re-consider using music in their businesses in order to enhance the ambience and attract patrons to frequent their establishment. The new tariffs are effective from August 01, 2018, and this revision has now given impetus to the realisation that there is need for the organisation to look at tariffs at intermittent intervals.  We are therefore happy to announce that the Board and management is committed

to reviewing rates and revising tariffs on an annual basis, and the revision will either be up or down depending on how well the economy is doing, the performance of other market factors, customer feedback and any other commercial reasons as the company may see fit.

We wish to thank all users who have been complying with the Act irrespective of how they felt about the previous tariffs and also take this time to encourage all users who have previously not been licensing for the use of music and in so doing infringing on the law to rectify this by applying for licences to play music succeeded by paying for such use at the reduced rates.

 In conclusion, the Board, management and staff of COSBOTS would like to take this opportunity to thank all Stakeholders including but not limited to the following: BOMU, NUBA, MUSUBO, Writers Association of Botswana, Thapong Visual Arts, Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Culture Development, Botswana Unified Revenue Service, CIPA, Publishers, Photographers and all Associations that were represented at the Thapama Artist Pitso for their unwavering support, commitment and dedication which made the recent Right Holders Pitso a resounding success.  Your commitment will certainly go a long way in shaping the Creative Industry and ensuring that artists are rewarded for their talents and efforts.

Gratitude goes to all our members and those aspiring to register their works with COSBOTS for attending in such amazing numbers. Without you the event themed “Kitso, Thebe ya Modiragatsi” would not have been the success it was.

For a copy of the new tariffs, contact COSBOTS licensing team at 392 8055.

Tel: (+267) 392 8055



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