Kingdom brings new twist to gospel industry

Everyday we see artists introducing gospel music into other music genres such as hip-hop, RnB, and Rock n Roll.

But local artist Kingdom Kebaitse, who goes only by the name Kingdom, has decided to infuse a bit of something different in his new single Lord And Saviour, bringing a new twist.

This single is taken from his upcoming album that will be called The Worshipper In Me that will be released later this year.  This beautiful track is infused with dancehall beat and RnB lyrical flow.

The singer told Arts & Culture that he wanted to release a song that would get the audience to put on their dancing shoes regardless of their age whilst delivering the message. The song has a mid-tempo but could definitely be danced to.

Suggie Fisher made an appearance on one verse of this song making it enticing to all regardless of their beliefs. 

“Lord And Saviour is a song about salvation. It talks of Jesus dying for our sins so singing this song is confessing the salvation prayer. Anybody who sings along this song will have Jesus in them,” he said confidently.

Kingdom added that the single is part of his establishment in the gospel

music industry saying that he will be seen more often in the music scenes.

He said that the Holy Spirit is giving him new songs everyday claiming that he had a calling to preach through gospel.   He said if he stops singing gospel his quest in life will not be fulfilled.

Lord And Saviour was released in June. The song was composed by the man himself.  It was produced by Sylus Greene, also known as Masai, a Motswana based in South Africa. Masai was one of the members of Spirit Word band.

Kingdom and Masai will be working on more songs for his upcoming albums. David Muthanda, who is the producer behind Kelly Khumalo’s new single Jehovah, engineered it.

“This song was inspired by the Holy Spirit. The idea is to use this song to attract young people to Jesus. I believe music is a powerful spiritual medium the church uses to draw people closer to God but it can be used by the devil, as I believe DJs take the position of a pastor in the club”.




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