Salakae backtracks on resignation

Salakae questions leadership of Boko PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO
Noah Salakae has swiftly changed his mind to resign his position of the Botswana National Front (BNF) treasurer on Tuesday.

On being approached after sources tipped-off Mmegi, Salakae could only confirm that he is still the BNF treasurer.

But he obdurately refused to discuss the matter further. 

This was after the resignation letter that he was supposed to deliver to the party office was leaked to the media.

Salakae decided not to quit after some of his comrades pleaded with him to reconsider.

In his letter, hand delivered to Kopano House, the combative Gantsi North Member of Parliament did not mince his words as he tore into what appear to be cloak-and-dagger activities at the party offices.

He stated: “You’ll recall that I am not the first member of the BNF Central Committee (CC) to resign during Comrade Boko’s reign. But I still pledge my loyalty to the BNF nonetheless and the UDC in particular”. Duma Boko is BNF leader.

He made a case that at the height of his discontent is the matter in which the BNF and the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) are run.

“The BNF CC exists only in name because the party is run by Comrade Boko ‘s bodyguards.

“The BNF Executive Committee never meets.  Ever

since the AP [Alliance for Progressives] comrades left, we are still to meet as the UDC parliamentary caucus to mention but a few,” he wrote, apparently referring to party activities, but did not elaborate on what he meant when he said “the party is run by Comrade Boko’s bodyguards”.

“We can’t open up on these truths as the CC because of the love and respect we have for the BNF and its members,” Salakae wrote.

He said he left behind a healthy party’s balance sheet.

“We managed to buy a vehicle for the party, cash on delivery. Cash stands at over P200,000 with no debts. With a de-politicised party administration, I am confident the party can make millions from membership cards.”

He proclaimed to be a happy man, as he always wanted to serve the BNF at its highest structure.

“Being a national treasurer was the highest honour the members had bestowed upon me. I couldn’t have asked for more. I now want to focus my energy at home. I am confident we will retain Gantsi North constituency for the UDC once again, without stress.”




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