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SPEDU firms to inject P1.2 billion into Phikwe

SELEBI-PHIKWE: Minister of Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration Nonofo Molefhi says companies that SPEDU is currently working with are expected to inject P1,2 billion worth of investment into the region.

Speaking at the trade and exhibition show on Wednesday, the Minister expressed the need to restructure government operations to minimise bureaucracy and facilitate business expeditiously to ensure the ease of doing business in the country. He regretted that stringent laws that were designed to prevent corruption have made the process of setting up businesses by investors lengthy and difficult.

He added that government has adopted a revitalisation strategy for the region to stimulate the economy and to ensure that there is a turnaround in local business.

He therefore implored local businesses to set their sight beyond the region and even explore the international markets. He noted that the Selebi-Phikwe show that was revived last year after it discontinued in 2003 offers businesses an opportunity to grow and improve the local economy.

The show discontinued 14 years ago because of persistent droughts, Foot and Mouth outbreaks, poor marketing and lack of sponsorships. Molefhi however encouraged the community that such challenges should not deny them an opportunity for marketing Selebi-Phikwe opportunities. “It is important for us to come together as stakeholders and support efforts by SPEDU to promote local business activities.

It also takes individual responsibility to play a role as it is an impetus to greater prospects of job creation. The 7,000 job target by SPEDU in

five years is achievable is everyone strives to create a job,” he added.

Molefhi expressed concern that Batswana are too complacent because of the mentality that diamonds would pay for everything such as education and health.

He also said that government is in the process of introducing incentives to attract investment into the region to make the local business climate more attractive and a rebate on the purchase of production of inputs from outside the country.

He cited a commendable progress in Kwenantle Farms in the Tuli Block area that has invested P60 million and currently having 600 hectares irrigated. “We would as government ensure that the project’s lease is renewed beyond 15 years to ensure that it continue to create jobs and food security in the country,” he said.

He added that government would also support the project to acquire additional land as an opportunity to expand its operations.

He further noted that the electrification of Motloutse farms also played a major role in encouraging farmers to uptake horticultural farming.

“We may not realise our dreams over night, but we must stand to improve our lives beyond where they were before the mine closure. Let us explore and evaluate every opportunity and determine it viable and part of the solution to our plight,” he said.




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