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Have safe President’s Day holidays

The President’s Day holidays will begin on July 16 and end the following day on the 17th. But, because the 16th will be a Monday, this then will be a long weekend.

Usually thousands of people are travelling to different destinations during this period, including fun lovers who also travel in high numbers to leisure and entertainment spots and this won’t be any different this year.

In the past during this time, we have witnessed a high rate of accidents on our highways, which are caused by reckless driving, drunk driving and speeding or driving vehicles that are not roadworthy.

This has been a serious concern to the nation because it is during these periods that we lose our loved ones and the country’s human resource.

Sadly, there have also been many reports of murder, rape and robbery incidents and other social ills. This calls for vigilance both at home and on the roads as traffic rises at this time of the year.

It is true that the number of vehicles has gone up, yet many of our roads remain as they were about a decade ago.

But the increased vehicular traffic on these unsafe roads means people must drive with caution and sober minds.

It is our hope that the return of the passenger train has eased the congestion on our highways and in a way

would save more lives. People should desist from using private cars for long distances and use public transport. It is deemed the safest.

It is evident that with a change of attitude, we can achieve accident-free President’s Day holidays.

However, it starts with an individual making the right decision to desist from drinking when driving or pedestrians making sure that they cross the road when it is safe to do so. 

The police must take stern actions against the culprits.

We have had enough of some of the deaths caused by irresponsible drunken drivers.

It is also the responsibility of each and every individual, and organisation to play their part in curbing road accidents that continue to claim lives and contribute to loss of property.

The message from the Police is always the same: Exercise caution especially during the holidays.

We urge pedestrians and motorists alike to take responsibility for their safety and reduce motorist-pedestrian clashes during the holidays. Let us all take care of our precious lives. 

Today’s thought 

“Our goal was to completely change transportation. Change traffic. And make it possible to get anywhere you want to go without owning a car.” 

– Logan Green




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