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Independent Police Complaints Commission needed

With rising complaints from members of the public about the manner in which the police conduct themselves, this calls for a need to establish an Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The police establishment exists to serve the public and if the same are not happy, something needs to be done and urgently for that matter.

The existence of an oversight body will help to stabilise the manner in which the police work with members of the public.

It does not only come in as a measure to protect the people from the police, but it also functions as a protective armour for the police from the people.

There are mysterious incidents in this country where people have died in police custody.

As we are aware, every life matters and that is the reason why the police oversight body must be established sooner than later.

The police exist to protect the community in instances where the latter feel unsafe or are undone by the police, they could send their pleas to the oversight body once it is in existence.

Sometimes in their line of duty, the police can become totally blinded of the fact of our Constitution.

The Constitution is the basic fundamental foundation for all laws in any country including our own.

Every law is established taking the Constitution into account.

It is these fundamental rights that need

to be protected and this is something that the police often overlook in their line of duty.

In this country, there are so many people who are qualified to staff the commission.

There are many retired police officers who would want to function in this commission in order to save the integrity of the organisation they served for so long.

It is their legacy at stake because at their time there were less cases of abuse of power. They would not only bring their police service experience with them, rather they would advise on the issues of law.

The commission would function in a similar fashion as the board of other parastatals. We know that the police are accountable to the minister responsible for their portfolio.

The minister in this case acts as employer, judge and prosecutor. The commission, which will largely be filled by men and women who have a clear understanding of police work, would help bridge the growing rift between the public and the police. 

Today's thought 

“Whatever the range of opinions may be, it is fairly safe to say that nobody believes the police should have no accountability.” 

– Alaina Varvaloucas




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