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School Owner And Young Achiever Hopeful Once More

Goitsemang Majaga
FRANCISTOWN: After collecting the best male youth and academic excellence awards at the recently held Botswana Youth Awards, Francistown College of Programming (FCP) owner, Goitsemang Majaga, is more hopeful.

He believes that his desire to see his school gaining recognition among various key stakeholders will soon come to reality.

In 2016 Majaga was also among the top five in the science and technology category at the youth awards. The youth awards aim to celebrate young Batswana who are pioneers in their communities and to reward them accordingly. 

Majaga, who graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology with an Associate Degree in Business Information System (BIS), solely established FCP, 2011, and a year after he graduated.

He was partly funded by the then Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture through the Youth Development Fund.

“The academic excellence award is recognised by the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA). In fact, BQA sponsored the award. I cherish the award the most.”

He added, “There are some people and stakeholders who have often doubted my courses despite their high quality and the fact that they are all accredited.  Having won the recent award will inevitably help me get more recognition, which is what I have been working on for so many years.  The advantage is that it is sponsored by BQA, which means that they fully support what I am doing”.

The school currently has an enrolment of 60 self-sponsored students.  FCP offers courses such as Certificates in Archives Records, Human Resources, Community Development and Programming among others.

“FCP courses provide a foundation for those who want to go for Diplomas or Degrees, but do not meet the pre-requisites to outrightly go for those levels (Diploma and Degrees). I am glad that some tertiary institutions now recognise my courses and absorb my students for Diploma and Degree courses. I hope in the next few years I will gain more recognition from most local tertiary schools,” he said.

Majaga highlighted that in recent years enrolment at his school

has been improving. He said that this is mainly because those who have studied at FCP recommend to their colleagues on account of the quality of education they have received (at his school).

“I have been able to pay rentals and pay a staff of seven people including myself (Four lectures and three administration workers). Even some government organisations have really been supportive in recent months. They have been sending their employees for short corporate courses at the school,” he said, adding that he no longer experiences severe financial challenges like in the past years.

Apart from the self-sponsored students Majaga regularly donates scholarships to orphans and other needy members of the community within Francistown and surrounding areas.

“So far 45 people have benefited from the scholarships. Some are from SOS while others were identified with the help of the Francistown City Council (FCC) and the Central District Council (CDC).

The 29-year-old also participated at Africa's largest international trade exhibition, ‘SITEX’ at the Gallagher convention centre in South Africa in 2015.

In addition Majaga will attend the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Programme in Nigeria later this year.

He was selected from more than 150,000 Africans who had applied to join the forth cycle of the entrepreneurship programme. In total 1,000 participants were selected for this year’s programme. 

The foundation selects entrepreneurs with the most innovative and high-potential business ideas. 

Majaga is currently on a 12-week online entrepreneurship training offered by the foundation to the 1,000 selected participants.  In Nigeria he will also receive P50,000 grant for having been chosen for this year’s programme. 

“Networking as well as participating in various activities (locally and abroad) that promote entrepreneurship and innovation can help me grow my school to be one of the respected ones in the country and abroad, which is my long-term ambition,” he said.




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