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OP yet to receive Moswaane's death threat letter

FRANCISTOWN: Some key Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) members have said that they do not buy claims by the Francistown West legislator, Ignatius Moswaane that there are people plotting to kill him.

Even many on social media have expressed doubt about the authenticity of Moswaane’s claims. A month ago, Francistown West MP Moswaane wrote to the President Mokgweetsi Masisi alleging that there are people who want to kill him. The letter widely circulated in the media.

Although Moswaane maintains that the letter was sent through various mediums to the Office of the President (OP), as of yesterday government spokesperson, Jeff Ramsay,  said the legislator’s letter has not arrived.

“At this point there is no letter that has come to the Office of the President from Moswaane,” Ramsay said.

Ramsay had earlier on told Mmegi that allegations that some DIS security agents were plotting to kill Moswaane are without foundation.

Some party members believe that Moswaane could have written the letter and deliberately leaked it in a bid to divert attention from events that have been happening in the constituency. Moswaane has in recent weeks been accused of causing unrest and dividing party members in the constituency.

Last month, some key BDP members also vowed that they would not vote for the party at the Moselewapula by-election on account of their differences with Moswaane. They accused Moswaane of favouring one of the primary election candidates, something that was not ideal as per party tradition.

The BDP lost the by-election and attributed the loss to divisions in the ward. Moswaane’s letter is dated May 21, which is two days after the BDP primaries.

Some BDP diehards have also said that Moswaane might have written the letter in a bid to attract public sympathy ahead of the party primaries, following revelations that some of his actions have irked many members in the constituency.

In his letter purportedly sent to the OP, Moswaane alleged that some of the security agents were politically aligned and were plotting his political downfall.

“The same security agents are meddling with Bulela Ditswe and this is destabilising the constituency,” Moswaane said.

Moswaane said that there were also reports that the suspected agents were going around in the constituency telling people to sign a petition that he must be removed from the party

and National Assembly. “I therefore, wish to request your office to conduct a thorough investigation into misconduct and use of security agents on political issues, especially when talks of my death are flying around,” he wrote.

Yesterday, Moswaane maintained that he has sent his letter to the OP. “I have faxed the letter to the OP and sent the other one by post. Those who are saying that the threats against me are not authentic are stupid. One day it will happen to them,” he said.

Asked about the exact identity of the person the letter was faxed to, Moswaane could only say that it was directed to the secretariat of the OP.

However, based on the quick turn around time of post office letters it may not be far-fetched to assume that by now the OP should have seen Moswaane’s letter because it was sent a month ago. 

Moswaane had also earlier said that he would have to look for the verification of the fax and share it with Mmegi. But later  he said, “I wonder why I should produce the verification of the fax. It’s life. People will always have their own doubts. If they do not believe me, it’s not my problem”.

Moswaane said that people should be worried about threats made to his life rather than demanding ‘trivial’ things like verification of faxes. 

In addition, Moswaane did not report the matter to the police, as it is a norm when one’s life is threatened. “I did it my way. I felt the most ideal thing was to report the matter to the DIS,” he said.

Moswaane said that he will also hand deliver the letter when he goes to Gaborone soon.

Since threats to one’s life are serious, it is wonder why Moswaane has not done any follow-ups to his letter or investigations.

This is not the first time that Moswaane has said that some people wanted him dead. Early this year, Moswaane was quoted in one newspaper saying that some BDP mercenaries wished him dead so that there could be a by-election.





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