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Affluent Tsholofelo-East is thieves' new target

Police Commissioner,Keabetswe Makgope, disclosed that there is an increase in house breaking incidents countrywide
Being a place of luxuries houses owned by wealthy people, Tsholofelo-East location in Broadhurst has become the target for criminals. To that end, the police have stepped up patrols and warn residents to be more aware of security following the recent strings of burglary and house breaking incidents in the area.

The thieves have been identified not to be resident, and are known to come from the densely populated Extension 27 location still in Broadhurst targeting homes at Tsholofelo-East for their valuables.

This is the place where inhabitants are living in constant fear and no longer enjoy the comfort of their homes. Recently The Monitor reported on the escalating crime incidents from the crime-ridden area of Extension 27 location and how it keeps the police on their toes with spiraling pick pocketing and smash and grab incidents.

The perpetrators have been identified as young boys in their twenties, unemployed and depending on theft for survival. The criminals usually go around in possession of knives, scissors amongst other weapons, which they use to threaten their victims.

The concern was also recently raised by the police commissioner, Keabetswe Makgophe during the 46th senior police officers’ annual conference disclosing to have recorded an increase in house breaking incidents countrywide.

Makgophe however pointed out that a collective approach was being implemented as resolved during the 2017 conference.

Police statistics show thefts from homes at night to have increased with the area’s growing prosperity. Reports of burglary are a daily occurrence with three to four cases reported in a week revealed by Broadhurst police responsible for policing the area.  Electronics like laptops, computers and smart phones have been identified as the targeted valuables.

The alleged criminals spend the entire day loitering around the area, studying people’s movements and looking for the target later at night to steal from. Usually whilst in their sleep inhabitants

are awakened by suspicious movements in their houses not knowing how the thieves got their way into the house.

Broadhurst station commander, superintendent Obusitswe Lokae urged inhabitants of this location to tighten their security, make sure that they lock their houses before going to bed to minimise the risk of losing their property.  He said keeping valuables out of sight, setting up good visibility and lighting around the home were important first steps.

“At times whilst in their sleep residents are waken up by intruders struggling to dismantle the lock, some by their movements inside the house. Luckily we have not recorded incidents in which in the process people were injured by the criminals despite to be always armed with sharp objects,” Lokae said. Lokae said they suspect the criminals might have identified a market somewhere for the stolen electronics hence yet to establish their market.

He said they are currently investigating a case in which intruders attacked a family whilst in their sleep, stole a television set, lap top and a radio with the suspects still on the ran. “We are also investigating yet another case in which an office was broken into at Broadhurst industrial and thieves walked away with a computer, keyboard and other office equipments,” Lokae said.

He however vowed that the police will not despair but will intensify their patrols to curb the spite in criminal activities in the area. Lokae said that they are working to mitigate the house break-ins by working closely with clusters engaging residents.




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